Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Say It Isn't So!

The other day,
my friend and I were looking on the computer
searching for people we used to know.
Most were past co-workers,
some were old classmates
and some were first boyfriends.

We giggled like school girls
as we thought up names
from our pasts.
We searched Facebook
and google.
We had minimal success
but something really strange
happened each time we had a "hit."

It's really quite difficult to explain.
How can I put this delicately?
We had old (and I mean OLD)
people looking back at us!
How could that be?
They had sagging skin,
gray hair or

We looked at each other
and screeched...
"Do WE look old?"
In which we each replied...
"Heaven's No!  You still look
like you did the day I met you!"
We don't feel old either!
I'm sure I'm only 21  internally,
so how could I look ancient?

And then it happened.
Our worst nightmares were realized when
we reminded ourselves that we have been friends for
30 years.
Ummm...yea...30 years!

We chattered away about
our discoveries
still certain we
weren't old.
I mean really,
you know we could have
met when we were two.
Then we'd only be 32, right?
Please, humor me.

But then reality really
jumped up and hit me square in
the face.
I got an email.
It was for an upcoming class reunion.
Wouldn't it be fun to see people
I hadn't seen since
graduation 10 years ago?
Alright, sorry.
Make that 20 years ago.
Wow.  20 years is a long time.
I wonder what everyone is doing now.

As I read down further in the email, 
something caught my eye.
Wait, I have to get my glasses.
I must be reading this wrong.
Ahhh...I guess I made a mistake.
It was for a 35th year class reunion.

That can't be!
They must have made a mistake.
Graduated 35 years ago??
No way!
Let's see,
let me do the math.
It's 2011.
I graduated in
2011-1976=UT OH!  35!

It can't be!
It just CAN'T be!

Say it isn't so!

Guess I'd better get honest
with myself, huh?
I'd better start
looking into "sprucing"things up
on the old gal!

If you don't hear from me for awhile,
I'm probably out
searching for the Fountain of Youth.



Kandi said...

Hmmm, my first comment got lost in blogworld somewhere. This post is so funny and it made me laugh! Loved your descriptions and I know everyone goes through the same thoughts from time to time...

Hope you have a great time at your reunion. :)

Valerie said...

Wait until you are 60 and your first baby is turning 40 in a few days! I love the old joke, "What are all the old people doing at my class reunion?"

Kayla said...

Oh, my, I am there with you Jill!!! I still feel 20-something inside....think I act like a pretty young-ish mom - and then someone takes a picture of me and I think - who is that woman? My dad has said the same thing - he doesn't like getting his picture taken because he looks like an old man! Good luck with your sprucing...just do something to play up your big beautiful eyes and nobody will look anyplace else!!