Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dental Woes.

I lost a filling yesterday,
so off to the dentist I went today.

I usually avoid the dentist at all costs.
As a child, I was subjected
to a not very nice dentist.
A dental phobe was born.

I've not been blessed with the best teeth,
so I've had considerable work done.
It's not an easy task for me.
I'll share just a few reasons why not:

I have a terrible gag reflex.
It's extremely difficult to put on the pretense
of being a lady when one
gags incessantly.

My jaw involuntarily quivers.

My body shakes, from the inside out.

I have a tendency to swallow
constantly, which is nearly impossible
when ones mouth is propped open
with cotton balls, dental tools and fingers.

I'm sure the above is more information than you care
to know about me.
I apologize.

I am hoping someone,
anyone, at least one person,
can relate to me on this issue...

I freeze in the dentist chair.
I get so cold it takes me hours to warm up!
Why can't they provide nice heated blankets
for you like they do when you are in
the emergency room at the hospital.
I mean,
is it really too much to ask?
they charge you enough!
It seems they could make you comfortable
while they are digging in your mouth.
Can anyone relate?

And lastly,
does it REALLY need to cost so much to have
a tooth filled?
Thankfully, I only needed one filling.
At $402, I can't imagine what I would have done
had I had more cavities.

If $402 wasn't bad enough,
the dentist went on to explain
that should I require a future root canal on said tooth,
it would cost about...

are you ready for it...

For ONE tooth!
I could carpet my house for that kind of money.
Or take a very nice trip.
Or...or...maybe have a face lift (for upcoming 25th 35th reunion)!
Or have all of my teeth extracted
and get dentures.
I bet it wouldn't cost much more.

Oh the agony of it all.
I should have been a dentist!


Karen's Ideas Galore said...

I used to work at a dental office -- must have been a "white" filling or multiple surfaces. I lost a filling in a milk dud once and I don't like eating them to this day.

Anonymous said...

I feel your fear! That's why I finally found a wonderful dentist that has the license to give me an iv and off I go to lala land. I had mass amounts of work done and slept thru it all! And I'm happy to report that I can now get my teeth cleaned with just laughing gas. Yes hon, I totally feel your fear!


Kayla said...

I loved it when Karen worked at our dentist...I never felt like I was getting ripped off there! Down here, A-man and S-Girl have both needed work done....but I still secretly feel like they are ripping us off and doing/charging more than they are supposed to!!! Would false teeth really be that bad? Hmmm? I wonder? How about those fake Chiclet teeth the stars have...when you get them do you still have to worry about cavities?