Friday, November 5, 2010

Mature Onset ADD (Not what you think)

It's been awhile since I've blogged.
One might think I've been too busy or
suffering from the colds or flu that have been circulating.
Thank you for those kind thoughts.

But here's the truth.
Many of you know ADD to be an acronym for
Attention Deficit Disorder.
I've redefined that acronym for my particular place in life.
It is:
Adult Decision Dilemma

For the life of me, I am having an extremely hard time making decisions!
It ranges from the most mundane decision
to life altering decisions.
I'm sure anyone that might spend any length of time with  me
would disagree.
Being the sole decision maker has caused me to, I'm sure,
be set in my ways.
I used to be super easy going and agreeable but I fear that may have escaped me over the last several years.

But I digress.
Back to decision making, or lack there of.
Let me share with you what I've been debating, for weeks now!

1) I need a hair cut...desperately.  Problem:  I have NO idea what to do with it?
Go short?  Continue growing it out?
I ask  friends and they are divided.  So here I sit, typing with hair hanging in my face and driving me bonkers!

2) It's a nice day.  I have it off.  Should I work inside or outside?
I can picture myself scurrying around getting so many things done.
Then I sit a minute, then another minute, then I decide to craft.
At the end of the day, the sticks are still laying in the yard and
the floors need scrubbing.  Huh!

3)  I think I'll call a friend to go do something.  Now.
They can't so we schedule for the next day.
The next day comes and I no longer want to do planned activity.
Hesitantly, I go, as I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone.
But I mumble and grumble all day long.
It has nothing to do with's all me.
In the end, I'm always glad I went.

4)  I'm an early Christmas shopper.
My kids always present a challenge to me at this time of year.
What they want and what I think they should have rarely coincide.
However, I like to give the FUN presents.
With both kids earning their own money,
I'm afraid I may have to be practical this year.
Or maybe not.
I dunno.

5)  My blog.
Do I continue my mundane ramblings as I have been?
Lending most of my posting to controversial topics or
snippets of my observations of life?
Or do I make it always funny?
Or maybe crafty?
Or intellectually stimulating? (I know...that would be a stretch for me so I will exclude that possibility).
Or should I shut it down?

6)  And the always nagging question:
Should I shave today or wait until tomorrow?

Life is great...
when it doesn't drive me crazy!


Karen said...

Good post! You sound a lot like me. I say grow your hair out for the's warmer! Christmas present idea for teens and son LOVES Hollister sweatpants. They are super-soft inside, wash up well, and he puts them on almost every day as soon as he gets home from school. He has had them for three months and still oohs and aahs every time he wears them. (They aren't cheap, $40-ish, but well worth it.) I signed up to be on their email list, and I recently got 20% off (I ordered one for each kid as "Santa" gifts.) Keep your blog going! How about funny posts on Monday, intellectually stimulating on Wed., and crafty on Friday? Shave the next time you take a bath with your salts. Why do women feel the need to "accomplish" something all the time? Is it our Scandanavian heritage? Don't know, but I think we all struggle with this one!

Kandi said...

Don't shut down your blog!!! I like reading have a unique take on life and a very peaceful way with words.

I don't like decision making, either , and I'm getting worse as I get older!

Hair - I don't know. I don't think I've seen your hair long so I guess I vote to grow it out! :) My hair hasn't been cut since July so I'm sorely in need!!!

Anonymous said...

please, never ever shut down your blog! your heart, thoughts and words help us all in ways you don't realize:) i, for one, feel richer in knowledge after reading your blog!

as for shaving? are you nuts? winter is for letting it grow:) call em natures tights! :)

as for set in your way? you? set in your ways? noooooo not you! :)


Valerie Godsey said...

I just wrote a very nice comment and my computer ate it.

Keep blogging whenever and however you want to.

You make decisions at warp speed even when you think you are slow.

Keep blogging, keep blogging, keep blogging. It's good for you, your sister and your friends. And whoever anonymous is.

Heidi said...

Please,please keep blogging it is always the highlight of my day!! As for the rest - let's meet for breakfast and ponder it all together!:)