Sunday, August 29, 2010

Roamings in Wisconsin

I should really call this entry Lost in Wisconsin.
I'll explain.

We thought we'd spend our Tuesday exploring some of the smaller areas of Wisconsin.
It was a gloriously sunny day.  Perfect for a drive.
We began by stopping in Danbury for lunch.
Of course, that included perusing a local gift shop.
The most interesting thing about it was the fact that there were three women and we didn't buy a thing!

From there, we thought we'd just drive.  I have always heard a lot about Burnett Dairy and we all agreed that would be our final destination for a little ice cream treat before heading back to the hotel.

The road led us through Webster, Fredric, Siren, Luck and several other small towns.  A couple of thrift stores and dollar stores captivated us for a few moments.  Sadly, we didn't find any treasures.

My son had always told me Burnett Dairy was in Grantsburg.  We had seen one sign for Grantsburg and I was sure I was on the right track.  However, after a long time driving, we determined we had somehow missed it.
Being new to using my GPS, I wasn't exactly sure how to search for a town.
Upon entering the town of Grantsburg, the GPS prompted me to select an address.  I chose one and off we went.

It appeared we were in a pretty rural area but trusting in the technology of my GPS, I kept driving until I spotted this building!  I immediately pulled to the side of the road to snap some pictures.  I'm pretty sure it was an old school house and I just adored it!
Unfortunately, as hard as I tried,
you can't see the details as my camera isn't that good...or maybe I'm the problem.  At any rate, on the very top of the building is a fake owl peering down at me.
Attached to the wood encircling the archways are wooden hearts.
I could almost see the teacher standing in the doorway as the children arrived for their day of schooling.
Funny how this little building could bring me so much joy but it did just that!

Back into the car I went and started heading for that ice cream.  I drove several minutes until we were back in the woods, at a dead end, with one, lone mailbox at the end of the road. ice cream here.  I was thankful it was a nice, sunny day or I might have been a tad afraid.

It was agreed that we'd better just skip the ice cream and head back to our hotel.  After all, we'd been searching for that ice cream for about 3 hours now.
Confidant I knew the way back to the hotel, I took off driving, very cautious of adhering to the speed limit as I have heard Wisconsin doesn't take kindly to speeders.

Lo and behold!  Can anyone guess what town we ended up in?
Yup!  Grantsburg!  Without even trying!
A quick search of the town ensued yet no Burnett Dairy. 
Oh well.  Back to the hotel we headed after a beautiful day of driving and good company.

The rest of the story?
 I've since learned that Burnett Dairy isn't even IN Grantsburg!

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