Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Have Returned

We arrived home on Friday, two days early.
I will get to the reason for that in another post.

Monday morning, we traveled to Duluth.
It was a trip surrounded in so many memories.
My Mom and Dad met and married there.
My grandparents lived there and I spent a lot of time with them during my summer breaks.
We'd often travel up the shore to Grand Maris agate hunting.
My grandfather was a master at creating beautiful agate jewelry,
silver settings and all.
I adore Duluth and had not been there in 9 years.

We began our visit at the Glensheen Mansion.
I was entranced during the entire 90 minute tour.
Three things stood out:
The wonderful love story between Chester and Clara;
How ahead of his time Chester was and
the beauty of the grounds.

Of course I was drawn to the huge fountain in all its grandeur.
However, the gently flowing water of the brook completely captivated me.

I could have spent an entire day and night sitting here...
imagining the Congdon Family doing the same.
After our tour, we meandered down to Lake Superior,
to the boat house.  It had housed the Congdons 52' yacht.

Becky has to test the waters, of course.
I tried to warn her it would be cold.
But you know Becky!
She called for help as she couldn't get out fast enough!

We then headed to Grandma's Saloon for lunch on the deck.
Just like everyone else, I love the lift bridge.

Many others enjoyed the food and lift bridge with us.
I'm sure it comes as no surprise that after lunch and Canal Park,
we girls headed to shop.
We met this fine "fellow" along the way.
If only we could have brought him home with us.

a little about Wisconsin.

Until then...
enjoy your day!

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Anonymous said...

Always great to see pictures. We (my mom and sisters)went to Glensheen a few years ago - it was a dark and stormy day....a little creepy...I think I would have liked it much better on a sunshiney day like yours!!!!