Sunday, August 22, 2010

Doin' It!

The plans have been set in motion.
I'm leaving.

Not on a jet plane.
Not on a train.
Not in a boat
not on a goat.

Sorry for my moment of trying to do a little Dr. Seuss there!

I AM leaving!
Soon, if fact.

I've figured out WHY I don't want to be home.
So, I'm going for it, before that darn alarm clock
runs my life once more.

A few days in a nice hotel,
then several days in the wilderness.
Packing for two, quite different, trips in a few days has been quite a challenge.
I can't wait to see what I've forgotten for each one.

I just hope I don't end up with my camping clothes
at the hotel!

So until we meet again,
enjoy some of your final days of summer.
Sip some lemonade on the swing,
or take a dip in the pool or lake.
Steal some quite moments in the sun,
or read a book in shaded bliss.


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