Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Stuff


For those of you that hadn't noticed yet...


Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. 
I am so thankful that I was born AFTER air conditioning was invented.  I pity anyone that doesn't have it.
I know my kids are very, very thankful we have it.
I have a confession to make.
I am NOT a nice person when I am dripping in sweat!
Oh, excuse me.
As my Mom always told me:
Horses sweat
Men perspire
women get dewy.
This week, I have been really, really dewy.
I haven't been hiding in the house.  I've mowed, planted a few things and watered my plants a lot.  The "dew" really glowed on my face as I did.

TJ is home.  TJ is into building things for my garden path.  That means I've been doing  alot of sawing and hammering.
The dew was shimmering all over me as I did so!

Running to the grocery store brings it's own set of issues.  I carefully take the time to add additional deodorant and a spritz of perfume before I leave the house.  I'm not sure why as they, along with my makeup, seem to glide right off of me before I arrive back at the car with packages in hand.  A large puddle forms at my feet before I've gotten everything loaded  into the car. 

And then there's the hair.  I used to have long, naturally curly hair.  While long, it actually looked more wavy than curly.  Now, it presents itself as "boingers" wherever it pleases.  It's never anyplace convenient either.  I wouldn't be so bothered, I suppose, if it happened in the back of my head. I wouldn't be able to see it or feel it "boinging."  But no, it has to be right by my face.  Trust me when I tell you, this is NOT attractive on a 52 year old!  

I just keep telling myself, it's OK.  You're a dewy lady.

But then again.  Maybe I should disregard my Mom's piece of advice...just this once...and hide out inside.  In the cool air.  Where no one has to look at me or put up with my moods

Yea...that's it.
Don't be looking for me. 
I'm gonna be a hermit until this heat and humidity pass.

In the meantime, I hope you find a nice way to stay cool!

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