Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Open Confession...

Dear John: I just came back from our time together. Once again, I feel lighter than I did before I saw you. I want you to know how important you are in my life. It's been nine, incredible years that we have been together, yet no one knows what you mean to me. I doubt that you could have any idea of your importance in my life. You have been through some pretty rough spots with me. Many ups and downs, highs and lows. You never judge me. You never care if I'm wearing make-up or what I'm wearing. You listen to me with unwavering patience and concern for my well being. Do you realize that you are the only one in this whole world that knows my deepest and darkest secrets? I never have to worry about you telling anyone either. I am very grateful. This is my favorite time of the year with you. You always bring me lilacs. You understand how intoxicating they are to me and that they do not compare to the most expensive perfume in the world. We let the warmth of the sun envelope us as we travel across the grass. No one ever hears us and it is rare that anyone ever sees us. It's amazing that we have kept this secret for all these years. I miss the little time we can be together in the colder months. I hate that travel is so tremendous then. I often wish you could cuddle up with me at night but we both know how scandalous that would be. Luckily, my dog will occasionally snuggle up in the crook of my back as I pull the wool blanket to my chin and I can fall asleep with thoughts of you. I don't ever want to think of moving yet I know I will have to one day. Leaving this home won't be the difficult part, it will be leaving you. Once I leave, I know I will never be back with you. I can't even bare the thought of not having you with me. I fear I'd die of loneliness. It's time I tell you the truth. I think I love you Dear John Deere. You're the best therapist...errr...I mean tractor a girl could ever have. Love, Jill

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Anonymous said...

I am screaming with delight! I love it! Thank you so much for the laughter Jill! You are such a talented writer--you need to write a book and be paid for your talents! This is awesome!

Can't stop laughing,
Kathy G