Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bloggin'...That Lovin' Feelin'

I have visited several blogs
of late
that seem to be asking the same questions:
What is my blog about?
Should I have a defined formula
to my blog?
Is my blog "good enough."
Do people enjoy my blog?
Do people comment out
of an unspoken obligation?
To some bloggers,
these questions seem so easy to answer.
To others, like me,
not so much.
I have no "theme."
I'm not a photographer.
Nor a writer.
I really have no talent to offer
you or anyone else.
Yet, here I am.
And for now,
it's good enough.
I look at it this way,
those that chose to follow will.
Those that choose to comment will.
Those that chose to ignore me will.
But it's OK, either way.
This is my own little piece
of the world.
And I like it.
Just the way it is.
No rules.
I can just put it out there
and not worry.
I hope you feel the same.
Cause I absolutely
love your blog,
just the


Dianna said...

Exactly! You & I go back a ways, don't we, Jill?!

Bev said...

Yep...that's the way I feel...

Paula said...

As a new blogger, I'm slowly getting there as well! HUGE kudos to YOU for inspiring me each step of the way. LOVE YOU!

Lynne said...

I guess I don't care if there are rules and regulations to "get us somewhere" with our blog. I am with you, what you see, is what you'll get. My IGH is my own little corner of creation. I appreciate you following me Jill and each of the others!

Jeanne said...

I think it is just an outlet for what ever is on our minds. I have a camera with me no matter where I go but do not consider myself a photographer. I just like to document stuff. I love my cat. So my blog, like yours is about whatever strikes me as relevant, or fun, or funny, or sweet on that day.
I like you blog just the way it is!

TexWisGirl said...

you share from your days, your life, your heart. that's why we're here.

Jackie said...

Love to hear you's from the heart!

Rohrerbot said...

Well said it well enough. I thought my blog at first was about plants and travel......and then it just became what the title is about....the adventure of life. Just as you share:) That's really what blogging is all about:)

Madi and Mom said...

You take excellent pictures,
you have a gorgeous spring and summer garden, you are very creative with cards and other hand crafts and
heck we just like knowing what is going on in your corner of the country...I guess that means we are nosey.
Lots of hugs Madi and Mom

Optimistic Existentialist said...

So true! Blogging is really whatever we want it to be, and that's what makes it so amazing. No rules or anything - it's all ours :)

andy said...

So true ! Have a wonderful day

EM Illustrator said...

I do like reading your blog, just because it's simple and natural. We do all have something to share to the world, and you share from your own life which I think is great. Have a lovely weekend!!

Chatty Crone said...

I have almost been blogging 10 years and every so often I take a break to re-evaluate what the heck I am doing - and I always come down to the same thing - I yam what I yam. You have a great blog Jill. sandie

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

great post. i love ya for you. you are super sweet. always have something kind & wonderful to say. i learn from you. your giving, kind ways & supportive nature really touch so many. that is why i appreciate your blog. you rock!!

big big hugs. ( :
thanks for being my friend.

Paula said...

I always enjoy reading whatever you write about on any given day.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Perfectly said!

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Great way to put it. We all blog for different reasons. If you want to share you do and if you don't you don't. IF someone visits and decides to leave a comment good and if not they won't hurt my feelings. They can move on.


This is such a wonderfully written post (yes, you do have a talent with words!). I totally agree with you that my blog is "my own little piece of the world.
And I like it. Just the way it is". Very pleased to have discovered yours :)

Buttons said...

OH JILL wrong wrong wrong and wrong. Photographer check. Writer check. Awesome Blogger check.You are amazing. My friend check and check. Hugs. B

Donna said...

I feel the same way!
And I Love your blog just as it Is!!
Happy weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Jill, I feel the same way you do.

I have at times wondered about my blog and which direction it needed to go, but I'm such mish-mash person, it's hard for me to stay on one subject. I sort of like being random.

I enjoy your space, I think you take nice photographs, write good stuff and have lots to offer us!


Susan said...

Jill, people read your blog because of your wonderful, compassionate and tender heart. We all need a respite from the world and you provide that. I for one, enjoy visiting you everyday. Bless you dear friend.

Karen said...

THANK YOU!! My family would nickname mine "random thougts from Nana", but that's OKAY! I always enjoy your posts and pics!