Friday, January 25, 2013


it's finally quiet.
Really quiet.
TV and radio are off.
The girl is sleeping.
The lights are off.

Now all I have left to do is to turn off my mind.
Ever have those moments?
Several details of the week keep bouncing around inside me.
Mostly nice thoughts, with a few nagging ones entertwining with them.

Trying my best to sum it up:
CPI (Crisis Intervention Prevention) training, last Friday,
Paraprofessional appreciation week this week,
candy, donuts, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and soup and salad for lunch.

Not enough subs, pulling double duty,
getting used to the new semester,
pajama day, formal day, fandom day and school pride day,
para meeting, all rolled into 4 little (long) days.

Smiling while answering the same student
as to whether or not I am an auntie or not, for a minimum of 10 times a day
and listening to her ask the other staff the same question the same number of times.
My only complaint?  When she asks me how many times
and every time I have to stop and count it out! Egad! I hate getting OLD!

Taking note of how many of my RAK cards are hanging around
the building...
inside cupboard doors, on bulletin boards or sitting on desks,
knowing it really did make a moment for someone.

Remembering the writing rules I learned in school...
when writing about three subject one was taught to write it this way...
(note the comma placements)...
tulips, daisies and roses.
Now it's...
tulips, daisies, and roses.
When did THAT happen?

Coming to the realization
I am more than likely boring you to tears
and that I'd probably better sign off now
and wish you a good night.

I'll try to formulate
more interesinng fodder
for my next entry.

Anyone interested in formulas on how to calucate
speed, velocity and distance traveled?
Yea...didn't think so.


Paula said...

Awww Jill I think everyone thinks your blog is interesting everytime. I know I do.

TexWisGirl said...

aww, bless you. thanks for letting us peek into a tiny moment of your life that says so much. :)

Paula said...

You have more energy then I could dream of! I pray that the sandman visits you tonight and your mind gets a good nights rest:)

sisterservice said...

I teach high school English now, but like you learned not to place the comma before the and when listing items in a series. Now, someone, somewhere changed the Rules (capital R) and we do place the comma before the and. Don't know what the world is coming least grammatically. I like your blog and your posts and can relate to what you write about since there are a good number of Special Needs students at the school where I teach and many end up in my classroom. Enjoy your weekend.

Mike said...

Rambling blogs are the best way we get to know someone. When I was in school, about a hundred years ago, I learned we had the option to either use the comma before the (and) or not. A choice, not a rule. Times change. Yes, they do.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed hearing about your week, Jill. I hope you have a restful weekend. Take care.

Bee Lady said...

I'm 54. When I was growing up we were taught tulips, daisies, and roses. When I was working as a secretary In the 80's and 90's, the Prof 's and I discussed this very topic. Somewhere along the line it was changed to tulips , daisies and roses. And I thought, "what is the world coming to!".

Cindy Bee

Ellie said...

Sounds like you are having a busy old time of it at the moment.
Never a dull moment - is that not what they say?
Hope you get a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed :))

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

If only going to sleep at night were easier! Sounds like you've had lots going on!

forgetmenot said...

Your mind is going 90 miles an hour! That usually happens to me when I'm laying in bed desperately needing to get some sleep. Sounds like you are busy,busy, busy. Have a relaxing weekend if possible. Mickie ;)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Sounds as if you're having a busy time indeed!! I hope you have a great weekend :)

EM Illustrator said...

It's good trying to quiet your mind at times. Sounds like you have a lot going on over there.
Enjoy your weekend.


Michaele said...

I love how far you have come in your job.

Karen said...

Jill, I can identify! Although I am retired from teaching, I still get to help the grandkids with math homework and it seems everything has changed!!

Susan said...

You make me laugh, I think I'd be tearing my hair out if I was asked a trillion times a day if I'm an Auntie. I love your patience!

Debbie said...

a great talk with someone i adore!!

it's always theraputic to open up and share!!

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

You are VERY busy! Seems like that's when it's the hardest time to take that mental break, isn't it?

Nancy Claeys said...

Hey, it's these kinds of posts that allow us to get to know you better! Not boring at all!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

With all that floating around your brain, I would say you deserve a quiet moment or two! Have a great Sunday!

Chatty Crone said...

You are not boring me. I have many nights my mind goes around and around like that.

And you are right about the commas - my kids thought I was nuts - my real children!!

And I miss working with kids so much. I used to love it very much.

Love, sandie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill

I haven't seen a post come through my feed for a while - I came over to check on you. I hope all is well.

Miss you