Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Night Musings

As it seems with every Friday night,
I now have a date with my washer and dryer.
What better time to visit and catch up on blogs?
Or even take a chance and try to write one
in it's entirety!

It was a full 5 days for me this week.
I'm tired but it is a good tired.
I spent 1/2 a day at a College Fair.
100's of colleges being represented
and 1000 of kids getting information.
I have one word for that experience...
Yes, it was fun but when you are responsible
for the well being of someone else's child,
it can be stressful.
But we made the bus for the return trip home, 
laden with about 30 pounds of paper in tow.
I'd say it was a success!

The young man I work with continues to inspire me
and make  me laugh.
He has taken to calling me his
I am flattered and humbled.

The project in Drama
is an exercise in Lip Syncing.
It must contain choreography
so it's a most enjoyable hour of the day for me.
One of the talents of "my" young
man is Beat Box.
He is quite good and I am learning a lot.
A second career for me in my golden years, perhaps?

Physical Science is a challenge for me.
I was never one to raise my hand in class
while I was going to school but for some reason,
I am fighting the urge to raise it now
when a question is presented to the class!
Don't tell anyone,
but electrons, neutrons and protons
are not my forte'.
I'm just glad it's not Algebra...
I couldn't even fake my way through that!

I pass several wonderful barns on my
way to and from work.
I hope to be able to stop one day to
snap some photos.
They are a bright spot
on my commute.

Tomorrow is my oldest 27th birthday.
I'd like to know how the hell that can be
when I'm sure I'm still only 29!
The girl, her boyfriend and I will
set off in the morning to spend some
time celebrating 
with my son.
It will prove to be a very
interesting day.

I'm sure I've babbled on too long
but it felt nice to be here tonight.

Enjoy your Saturday!
Hugs all around.
Been missing you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill, So nice to see a post from you. It sounds like a very busy week. I love your photos and the header picture is gorgeous, also. Happy Birthday to your oldest and I hope you all enjoy the get together tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the barn pictures.

Take care and rest well.

TexWisGirl said...

happy birthday to your son! i'm glad you are going to spend some time with him - and even with becky's beau. :)

Beth Edwards said...

wow, what a busy week you had. goodness you need a break. you enjoy your weekend. big hugs. (:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill!

Happy birthday to your boy! Sounds like you are due for some rest my friend!

Enjoy your weekend.

Debbie said...

Have a wonderful weekend Jill, I hope you find some time to relax!!!

oooohhhhh and who do you like better, john or washer/dryer for those Friday dates???

Buttons said...

Oh Jill I am so proud of you going back to work and doing so well. You never know some of that algebra may stick if you have to listen to it later the more classes you go to the smarter you will be:)
Happy Birthday to your boy and I bet it is going to be a lot of fun tomorrow on your "date" I know it will be a lot of laughs. Take care have a nice weekend and I miss you too. Hugs B

Chatty Crone said...

Are those classes you help with or are you in school yourself?

Happy birthday to your son.

Sounds like you had a busy week I hope you can rest this weekend.

Paula said...

Nice to see you here. Hope your son had a very good birthday and many many more to come.

Lynne said...

Always changes and adjustments in life, aren't there?

You are amazing . . . giving of your time so Becky and her friend can be togother. Being present in the life of your student and his challenges of learning. And celebrating the 27th birthday of your son.

You are giving of self to so many . . . I wish I could give you "a moment in time" . . . just for you.

Gloria Hood said...

Been missing you also! Have fun tomorrow and Happy Birthday to your son!

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Happy Birthday to your son. Really 27 when YOU are only 29. How did that happen? Have fun tomorrow and hopefully you will be abel to share with us your day. Ana

Evi @ sexta-feira said...

Happy birthday! :)
Hope you will have a relaxing fun weekend!

EM Illustrator said...

Happy birthday to your son!
Have a lovely weekend!

Kayla said...

You go ahead and babble. We will take anything we can get from you these days!

Susan said...

Boy I know what you mean about Friday nights. Doing laundry. Yeehaw! You are one busy lady, I'm glad you are enjoying it. Have fun with your daughter, boyfriend and son! Happy Birthday to him!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to your son. I hope it is a really great one!

You are a busy lady! I am doing laundry this morning. No fun!

Jeanne said...

Nice to hear about your week. It sounds like it's been a full and rich experience, even the commute has its up side. Joy to you! Very pretty pictures.

Jeanne said...

Re: the pictures:
Isn't it amazing how creative God was in making seeds?

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Jill, With all the changes in your life, you seem to be hangin in there. Giving of yourself to your student and your children is happy work. Just remember to take care of yourself too. I love to see a new post from you! Happy Birthday to your son. Love, Penny

Marie said...

Oh Jill, I sure have missed your beautiful photos! Don't feel too bad, my oldest is 30! Have a great weekend :)

Jackie said...

Always good to hear how things are going for you Jill. Have fun celebrating your boys B-day. I'm right there with you, my oldest is 28....yikes

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying your new job....and your new 'young man' sounds just wonderful!
I get you on the not understanding science and algebra?? Fuuuuugggggettttt about it!
Happy birthday to your sweetie...enjoy your weekend!

Terri Buster said...

Glad you are enjoying your job and your young man sounds like a delight to work with. Happy Birthday to your son!

Bonnie said...

It is good to hear from you. You will find your rhythm. I hope you all had a wonderful birthday celebration.

Catherine said...

Dear Jill, You sound like you are finding this experience fulfilling.
I am happy for you.
We are all on a journey at a stage in life that I don't think we expected to be on at this time. I am sure that the Lord has something in mind that He will reveal in His time.
I am glad that it is a good and fulfilling tired. You will sleep well.
I wish your son the happiest of birthday's and a good year ahead.
I don't know how our children got to be this age either, but it is good that you are still 29, I think that is just about my age too.(lol)
Blessing my dearest and a hug. Catherine xoxo

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