Friday, September 21, 2012

One Ways and a Box of Kleenex

I bet you're
all wondering what the heck my title means.
I am here to explain!

I made it through my first week
back to work.  Maybe I should say I barely made it!
The first day, upon entering what I thought was the school parking lot, I suddenly realized I was on a one way street,
going the wrong way!
I made it without incident but it was heart pounding to say the least.
I met up with the boy I'm working with and was
eager to get on to his first class.
He headed in one direction, I headed in the other!
We were a little late but we did make it to class.

He and I have done very well getting to know each other
and have built a nice rapport these last few days.
He has a great sense of humor and loves
"to get me!"  He will keep me on my toes but I like that.
A good sense of humor is always plus.

On the negative side...
I am spoiled and I detest the 30 minute commute each way.
Within 3 days, I caught "the" cold.  It never ceases
to amaze me how quickly I get sick, once I return to school.
I've met lots of people yet
I don't know anyone.
It's a rather solitary type of position.
All of the kids are darling and charming although
some have violent tendencies.  I may be too old 
for this job.  Time will tell.

I was so excited that the school has stairs...
a great form of exercise.
My knees hurt but I'll up the fish oil.

It's a Charter School
and it is R E F R E S H I N G!
In 4 days, I have not heard even ONE
swear word!  So unlike public school!

Lot's to get used to,
especially trying to find 
a new routine.

Such a sweet, sweet surprise in having
some of you emailing me to check on me.
To think a few of you missed me
just about had me in tears.

This is what I probably miss the most...

my morning walks.

He does too.
My kitty misses me too.
He's been after me all morning.
And Becky does too.
But it's all good.
One day at a time.
It's all any of us can do.


TexWisGirl said...

i've been thinking of you as you've left comments. wondering how it has been going - knowing you wanted to get some time in before telling us about it. i am hoping your new routine will settle in, and you will feel fine about it. :)

TexWisGirl said...

sorry about the cold, though!

Debbie said...

oh jill, i had no idea you went back to work....

i know you will make the best of it and enjoy every single second!

good luck sweet jill and i hope you shake that cold real soon!!

have a wonderful weekend!!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Boo on the cold! I hope you feel better, and that the job also grows on you :-)

Anonymous said...

You've been in my prayers this week. I'm glad to hear the young man has a sense of humor. Hope you feel better soon and I know you ALL look forward to the weekend. Take care, Jill.

Gloria Hood said...

One step in front of the other! You will get use to it. So sorry about the cold though and hope you feel better soon!

Beth Edwards said...

you feel better soon. glad to hear you are making head way. fish oil never worked for me... i promise i won't tell ya what it did do to me. ha. ha!! i've missed you so. have a great weekend. i know it will become part of your routine soon enough. big hugs. (:

Chatty Crone said...

I miss those days - I did that for 15 years. It is hard to give up HOME! I know the cold thing too - Andy goes to one school and Kelly goes to another and they have already had one cold and passed it along - I hope you enjoy this.

Bev said...

New routines... yuck!! but soon they won't be new:))

Buttons said...

Oh Jill I am so proud of you going out and tackling something that is a challenge as you can see with that cold thing:)
I think you have such a great attitude you will be just fine. Congrats your first week is done and you made it OK except for the cold:) Everyone misses you. HUGS B

Dawn's Craft Place said...

I am so proud of you sweetie...I knew you would survive. It will get easier.
I know the cold thing is crazy. I work for a DR's office and am always trying to avoid the cold and flu ..yuck
So far I have been lucky

Ellie said...

It is such a big thing to go back to work - and I can tell you are going to get on fine.
Hope that cold goes away soon!!!!
Enjoy your weekend.

Lynne said...

First week behind you . . . huge life change for you I am sure! And then end up with a cold to boot . . . miserable. Hopefully TGIF and the weekend so uou can recharge your batteries . . .

I miss your daily Welcome in my Google Reader . . . Get well Jill! Hugs . . .

Jackie said...

Sounds like a good "first week", Hoping it just keeps getting better for you as the weeks pass by. You have a great attitude Jill!

Karen said...

I'm saying a prayer for you. I've been a special education teacher and a developmental therapist, and a mother of a child with severe delays. It is rewarding, but can be challenging for sure.

Rohrerbot said...

Like learning to ride a bike, you'll get back to that routine again:)

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Glad to know that you made it through the first week. I am sure it will take time to adjust, but you will be fine. Thankfully the kids have not sworn or cursed. That is so unlikely today. I am in aww, on how bad the kids behave today. Have a great weekend and definitely have missed your daily post. Can't wait to hear about the stories in school. ANA

Rosemary said...

There's always a plus to doing something new, keeps us fresh, makes our minds work, bumps us out of our ruts. Now you'll savour your weekends even more!

Paula said...

With your good attitude you will make it and if you don't you will find something that fits you. Glad you could post and good luck to you. Hope you get to walk this week-end.

Anne said...

Just found your sweet blog, and am now following! Hope you feel better...bugs always used to "get" us as soon as school started...

Nancy Claeys said...

Yes, the commute can be nerve-racking, but I'm thinking you'll get used to it.

As for the job -- give it time. Sounds like a perfect fit for you. xo

Bonnie said...

Getting back to the school routine is like jumping into a cold shower. It is shocking the first week or so and then things begin to feel okay. I'm still working on my back to school schedule. I hope your cold disappears soon. I've noticed a lot of runny noses this past week in my classroom. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it through the first week dear friend.

Jeanne said...

Nice to see all is working out well. Big change in your life for sure. Make sure you have a camera with you on your commute. You never know what crazy thing you're going to see. Good Luck with this journey. The cat will be okay.

Catherine said...

Dear Jill, I agree. We all must learn a simple lesson from Miss Scarlet O'Hara, sometimes we must think about it tomorrow and take one day at a time. I wish you the very best and will keep you in my prayers. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

Susan said...

Hi Jill, I'm late (as usual), so it was nice to catch up on your latest doings. Congratulations on your job and it all sounds like things are going well. Shame about catching a cold (darn it... those cold germs are always lurking aren't they!).
Anyway, all the best and good on you :D) Cheers for now xx

Susan said...

The first week is hell! The next week will be a little bit better, then you will be ok! Hang in there!
It's nice to be missed though isn't it. Nice to know you are just one of the walls at home.

Hope the cold gets better! Thinking of you and I'm praying for you, it will get better I promise!

Terri Buster said...

It won't take long to get back into the routine. Glad you are at a charter school- I imagine it will be a wonderful place to work.