Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who's House???

Tired of being in the house
last week,
due to the heat,
I knew just the place
I wanted to take Becky.

As we traveled towards
our destination,
she asked where we were going.
I calmly replied, 
The Crazy Ladies House!
Per my usual self,
I put great emphasis on CRAZY
while doing my best
witch cackle.
With her eyes as large as dinner
we arrived!

There are way to many photos,
so I tried my hand at making collages.
I didn't want you to miss out on anything from
our little adventure!

There was no shortage of
rather questionable characters
to greet us.

Before you even ask...
NO!  I did not leave
mine hanging around
with the others!

After touring the fun grounds,
we parted with a few small dollars
inside the wonderful boutique.
We paused on this
beautiful porch as
we said good bye to a lovely afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I really like that porch. That's a perfect place to sit while sipping on ice cold sweet tea!
(I especially like that pink Pms candies. Haha!)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I love the Nun on Wheels!

Beth said...

I would love to visit there! Great pictures.

Susan said...

Wonderful, wonderful post Jill!

Tanya said...

wow, what a fun looking place!

TexWisGirl said...

what a character this woman is!

Madi and Mom said...

What fun...Mom would have enjoyed that trip too
Hugs Madi and Mom

Debbie said...

what a fun place and a super fun post!!

i was scrolling and hoping for a picture of you and becky!!

dr momi said...

Oh my goodness what sillyness :-) It made me smile and I'm sure that is her whole point. Glad your bra didn't end up on the deer horns....too funny!

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

How fun to have this near enough to be able to take a drive and enjoy.
TFS. ana

Blessed Serendipity said...

I love the crazy lady's sense of humor. Bet it was a fun day.


Gloria Hood said...

What a great place!

EG CameraGirl said...

Oh my goodness. What a lot of fun!

Ellie said...

That looks like such a fun place to visit. I've never seen anything quite like it before. :)

Paula said...

Well now that is the funest lookin' place Iv'e ever seen. Bet you two had a barrel of fun, huh?

Fiona said...

Fantastic place!!

Brilliant photos Jill.

x Fiona

Just to let you know that I am goin on holiday so won't be around for a week or so
and so won't be able to comment on your blog posts
just thought I would let you know in case you thought I ignnoring you!!!

Bonnie said...

Jill, It looks like you had way too much fun. Are you absolutely sure you didn't leave something behind?

Anonymous said...

What a hoot! Fun and unique place.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a fun place to visit. And no, I wouldn't leave mine either! Love the photo of the barn in your previous post. Great job!

Melodie said...

That looks like a fun place!

Lynne said...

Looks and sounds like a great, fun place to visit! I bet Becky loved it!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Jill I have never seen any place like that - that was so cute. So you didn't leave your bra - you're no fun! sandie

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

If this doesn't make you forget the heat, nothing would! :-)

Renae said...

Major chuckles, Jill - thanks!!!!

Jane said...

A fun place to visit, even in the heat. I think I would of been tempted to leave it hanging up Jill. Just for the fun of it. But then again not good example for your daughter, she then would think her own mom is a bit looney!

Rohrerbot said...

I love your energy! Very funny shots. I can only imagine Becky's face:)

The best kinds of days:)

Nancy Claeys said...

Love the PMS house and the bras hanging from the antlers. What a hoot! :)

Ida said...

Oh goodness what an interesting place that must be. Thanks for sharing the fun photos.

Anonymous said...

Soo amusing and fun. What a great sense of humor she has.

sharon said...

fun ...I like your site and verse

Susan said...

A place of fun indeed - love it :D)