Thursday, July 19, 2012

Surprise! Surprise!

The kindness of fellow bloggers
never ceases to amaze me.
Imagine our surprise
the other day when
a package arrived for
Becky and I read the return
address and it was from
a dear blogging friend.

It touched me that she even thought
of Becky
and then to see that she 
handmade something
for her almost had me in tears.

Here is Becky modeling
her beautiful new
scarf to keep her warm in 
our Minnesota winters:

My Mom was a knitter
so I really appreciate the time 
and talents that went into this
lovely scarf.

This talented 
and sweet blogger
has a very famous kitty
named Madi.
She was kind enough to put
her scent on the scarf
for Cupid.

Here he is, Madi...
I promised you a picture
(or 2) of him:

He thinks your smell delicious!

So, in the end,
Becky and I send
our love and thanks
to Madi and her Mom.
You two are the best!

Please take time to visit their wonderful
I am sure you will be delighted!


Ellie said...

That was very thoughtful of
Madi and her mum and I'm sure Becky will love wearing her new scarf. It is lovely :))

Gloria Hood said...

Madi and her Mom are the best! We are finally getting to meet them in August, as we travel up north! So exciting! Becky looks so pretty in that scarf!

Bonnie said...

So sweet! Becky looks fab in her new scarf.

Anonymous said...

Becky looks so pretty wearing this precious scarf! I love all your pictures on this post and will visit the link provided. Such a thoughtful, priceless gift for Becky!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

How sweet and such pretty colors too!

Lynne said...

All cuddly. . . how nice for Becky, and how nice for "Madi and Mom" to do this for her.

Buttons said...

Oh that is beautiful Mandi is very special to think of Becky. B

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

How sweet of Madi and Mom to send Becky a gift. I am sure it will be put to good use once the winter time comes.

Susan said...

What a wonderful gift that will really come in handy in a few months! I love the colors, so bright and cheerful!

Anonymous said...

How sweet of her to make that beautiful scarf tor Becky. She looks lovely with her new scarf.

Debbie said...

becky's face is so darn cute, it's hard to notice the scarf ;)))

it's the perfect color for becky!!

Beth said...

Beautiful friend, beautiful scarf and beautiful Becky. What a very nice gift from your friend.

TexWisGirl said...

a lovely pink scarf for a lovely young lady. :)

yes, bloggers can be such generous folks. ;)

Furry Bottoms said...

If you don't want the orange furball with the scarf, can you send him here? HE IS ADORABLE!! :)

Becky really looks good wearing that scarf. I'm a regular at Madi's.

The Jones Family said...

That is so sweet and the colors are bright and cheerful...just what is needed on dreary, cold winter days! What a nice gift! What a good friend!

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is so sweet....and adorable!

Rohrerbot said...

How thoughtful! Such a pretty scarf. My Grandmother used to make me washrags and scrunchies. When she passed, I didn't know what to do. Then my friend's mother made some for me and sent them my way. Shortly after, she passed away. Today I have all of the homemade reminders and it makes me smile. I love it when people think of you so much that they sit down knit for you. It seems like an art that is disappearing in this day and age.

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Becky, Jill and my man cat Cupid...Mom and I are so very thrilled that you like your scarf.
Becky you wear it with such style too and the color is PURRFECT with your beautiful blonde fur!! Mom and I are so proud of you too!! So many adventures await you...

Thank you for this most wonderful post. I'm so glad Cupid was able to read my Southern smell mail. MOL Your blog pleases our senses every day.

Hugs and snuggles from
Madi and Mom

Teresa said...

What a wonder, thoughtful person(s) Madi and Mom are to think of Becky and knit that darling scarf! I love it!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Becky looks cute in her new scarf. How sweet of your bloggy friend to think of her.


JT said...

Truly the art of giving. You are lucky to have such a sweet friend. Give that kitty a pet for me right down to her tail!

Anonymous said...

How thoughtful of your blogger friend! Becky looks beautiful in her new scarf, and I love the pics of Cupid!

Chatty Crone said...

I am so grateful that someone made a gift for Becky - that was so cool - and such a wonderful pink color - she looked adorable. And so did the cat! sandie

Paula said...

A nice blogger friend for sure. The picture is so pretty with the scarf and Becky's blonde hair.

Nancy Claeys said...

How very sweet of your blog friend to make this for Becky. xo

Catherine said...

Dear Jill, That is wonderful. The kindness of the blogging world is heartwarming.
The scarf is beautiful and Becky looks happy.
Blessings dear, Catherine xo

Susan said...

Such a lovely choice of colour for Becky - it really suits her beautiful complexion.
How kind of your blogger friend to send that sweet surprise :D)