Monday, April 30, 2012

A Cheater!

So fun to watch the ferns come back to life.

I've been having issues.
I'll just put it out here.
John has been cheating!

It began a month ago.
He reportedly needed
some body work.
Ha! Don't we all?
However, he had to leave
for a week for his.
No calls. No texts. No emails.
(Sounds like my ex)!

He came home for a week
and before I knew it,
he was gone again.
This time?
A broken joint.

Left me.
In spring!
Our most special time.
Luckily, the lilacs haven't bloomed yet
but still, the grass is so green...
and long.

What could a bunch of men
with tools offer
that I couldn't?  
I mean really.
I make sure he has plenty
of fluids
and never complain
about the amount of gas he has.

He's back now though.
He promises me he won't leave me again.
He promises to be true and faithful.
At least for another ten years anyway.
what I can do?
I guess I'll forgive
my Dear, John Deere.
It'd be a very long
summer without him...
in more ways than one.


Nancy said...

I almost fell for it, again! Hope you have a Plan B in the wings while John it out of commission. :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Well, the main thing is he comes home for his summer fling.

Our Ford needs to go have repairs too. I keep telling my husband to call to get it picked up, but he's a procrastinator. And I haven't pushed too hard because I'm not looking forward to the bill.

Lynne said...

Very creative . . . Delightful . . . and you had me at the Cheating . . .

Julie Marie said...

So glad you got John back!... we used to have a John Deere when we had our little farm (which I still miss so!)... and Jack's given name is John... so he had a little tractor service, you know, tilling etc, and called it "Lil' Johns Tractor Service"... I miss that too... but I digress, as always... love your fern!... so fun watching the fronds unfurl... wishing you a beautiful day this last day of April... looking forward to May (our birthmonth!)... xoxo Julie Marie

TexWisGirl said...

oh, i hate that feeling of being w/o my mower! dreadful! :)

Susan said...

Oh that little stinker! Hopefully he comes back for good! :))

Paula said...

Jill you are such a good writer.

Charade said...

And did you notice that the grass grew even faster while he was gone? Thanks for the chuckle.

Madi and Mom said...

Dear are so funny!!
Thanks for the Monday lol/mol
Madi and Mom

Michaele said...

Come on John - man up and do your job! Please?

Donna said...

You got me, AGAIN! I have to remember John is your darned tractor. Not the first time, won't be the last, I'm going to remember who "he" is one time!

Have a great new week!!


EG CameraGirl said...

I hope your John Deere has indeed improved his attitude! :))

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Oh, Jill. I was like what? I could not believe it when you talked about this the first time and now again. I have fallen for this 2 times. Your good.

Our weather here in Miami, is yucky. It has been raining since friday night and just doesn't seem to get any better.
Hope your weather is nice and dry.
TFS. Ana

Debbie said...

you had me at john.....

Dawn's Craft Place said...

I am so glad your John is back!!!
How horrible to lose your tractor and not be able to trim the
Your hilarious

At Home in English Valley said...

There is nothing like a summer romance! You have a way with words my friend;-). Have a great week! Love, penny

Ellie said...

Ha ha you nearly had me there :))

Ida said...

Oh my goodness you really caught my attention with this one. I was scared to keep reading but I did and then I had to chuckle at how fun and clever this was.

Ida said...

Oh my goodness you really caught my attention with this one. I was scared to keep reading but I did and then I had to chuckle at how fun and clever this was.

Gloria Hood said...

There's something about that name, John. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh lordy! I fell for it...hook, line and sinker!

Love the little fern - so pretty!

Susan said...

Good one Jill!!
You have a delicious sense of humour ;D)

dr momi said... got me. I can tell I don't quite know you all the way yet LOL! Note to self...John is her tractor.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness you had me going!!! sandie

Anonymous said...

You got me, too!

Bee Lady said...

You had me!
Then I thought...why do they always need work this time of year? Why can't they break down on that last mowing in November...the one you squeeze in..just for fun. Either way, so glad he's back.

Cindy Bee