Monday, March 5, 2012

Get A Score Card

I'm not kidding.
This is a little reenactment of the Prom Drama thus far
just for your viewing pleasure.
Yes, there really is Prom Drama even when they
are Special Kids (adults).

Cast of Characters
Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Bob:  The once token male in Special Olympics
           Three years ago, he escorted two of the Special Olympic girls.
            Last year, he escorted one of the Special Olympic girls.
            This year, he is planning on escorting my daughter and their mutual friend.

Becky:  My daughter

Sally:  Mutual friend referenced above.

Tina:  Another Special Olympics friend.

Andrew:  A new Special Olympic Friend.

Cindy:  A friend that attends the same high school but participates in another section of Special Olympics.

Act 1: Scene 1: 

The plan for 3 years has been that Bob would be escorting Becky and Sally to Prom 2012.

Act 1: Scene 2:   During a week of school days, Cindy asked, begged and demanded that Becky and I take her to Prom.  She reported to Becky that I didn't like her.  WHAT?  I adore the girl and am always nice to her.  Becky came home every day for 5 straight days near tears or in tears because of Cindy.  Both girls have high anxiety so this is not too unusual yet still very upsetting as I want everyone happy!

Act 1: Scene 3:  Cindy's grandma called and left a message asking if we could all go to Prom together.  Oh dear.  Usually I'd be all over this but we had a prior commitment and there just isn't going to be room for everyone in one vehicle.  I called and spoke to grandma ( a very nice lady).  I explained that it's just the getting there that is the problem but once all arrived, the kids would dine and dance the night away together, as a group.  She understood perfectly.  Yet, in the background, was Cindy crying and screaming that she doesn't have a boyfriend. *sigh*  I'm trying here  people, I really am.
I settled this the best way I could. 

Act 1: Scene 4:  Cindy asked to speak to Becky when we were done speaking.  Becky HATES talking on the phone.  I did something I never do...honest...I told her Becky was in bed.

Act 1:  Scene 5:  I hung up and went to explain to a crying Becky that everything was resolved and OK.  I also told Becky I expected her to dance with Cindy, Sally, Andrew and Tina.  I explained I expected that NO ONE would be left out!  She calmed down and agreed.  Then she tells me she should call Cindy.  HUH?  What?  I just told her you were in bed cause you hate to talk on the phone!  Becky "But I'm not in bed!"  Me: "But I just lied and told her you were!"  Becky "But I'm not!  I'll call her."  Me:  "No! You won't!  It's time for bed!"

Act 1:  Final Scene:
            Dark bedroom
            Me.  Alone.

            "Dear Lord, please give me the wisdom and PATIENCE to get through this prom with a smile and goodwill to all.  PLEASE let them love each other and have a great time!"

Lights Out
Come back for Act II...if you dare. 
More drama to come, if you can believe it.


Sharon said...

Oh, I can just tell, there is going to be drama, all over the place.

I hope you keep your sanity during the trials and tribulations you are about to endure!

Julie Marie said...

Oh Jill... you are a saint!... sounds like you have everything covered, and I just know they will all have a wonderful time!... xoxo Julie Marie

Blessed Serendipity said...

Ahhhh teenage drama for the mama! Hang in there Jill. You are a great mom and someday this will bring a chuckle.


EG Wow said...

So what's the date of this prom? I am hoping all is revolved before then. :)

Paula said...

Oh Jill you do so well under pressure. Do something nice for yourself when this is all over. I wish everyone a great time.

TexWisGirl said...

so much angst in high school! lordy!

Rohrerbot said...

The ladies will work it out. They can be the cruelest crowd sometimes. I do it all on a daily basis...high school....special needs....drama....and that's why I blog:) LOL!! I think a walk outside is in order and some fresh never have to go far to let the mind and body relax:)

Leontien said...

Oh No!!! haha so happy we did NOT have prom's in Holland! ... just dances....

Missed you bunches! Big hugs

Michaele said...

Oh Jill, don't you know everyone lies on the phone? I got such a kick out of this post. You handled it far. Here's hoping the very best : )

forgetmenot said...

Oh, I love it--the drama of the "teenage years"! There is a crisis a minute it seems, lots of tears, and emotions that run the gamut. Thankfully I am past all of that, but I am still not "out of the woods" because I am a Mother forever! My thoughts are with you--this too will pass. Have a good week. Mickie :)

Ellie said...

I'm afraid the teenage years are full of angst and drama isn't it. There is always someone falling out with someone else, and when there is a boy involved - oh boy!!!
I don't remember being like that as a teenager - but maybe I've got a short memor'my lol.
I'm sure it will all work out in the end - I think you are handling it well. Keep calm and breath deeply :))

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

LOL! Though it's hilarious to me I understand how trying this must be for you! Keep being your patient self!! :) And have a blast yourself!! :)

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Oh Jill, welcome to teenage drama. My girls have been through this and worse. I went through it with my oldest. My husband and I took her and her friend to prom, because they wanted to go in the Mercedes Benz. So my poor husband (not her dad) took them and I followed in my daughters friends car. Dropped it off at the beach and even left the keys near the tire of the car. Yes, Crazy. But they had a blast and alot fo fun. Stayed out all night and I was a nervous wreck, but they survived. It is what all seniors do.
Have fun with the drama and can't wait for the next scene.
Go to the grocery store and buy some patience. LOL.

Nancy Claeys said...

I have a feeling this scene is being played out all over the U.S. as prom season nears. Sending you vibes of strength and patience! :)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

This is all practice for the wedding in a few year! Praying for patience for you! Enjoy your day!

Gloria Hood said...

Ah......such patience is needed huh? You will get through this too!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh dear. I hope it all works out. Girls and their drama.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I know this is NOT funny but the dramas that occur! OY! Sometimes it is NUTS! Hope it all works out beautifully.

Madi and Mom said...

Oh my Jill
Prom drama should be made into a Broadway musical!! Grease III

Have you already had Prom dress Drama?
This brought back so many drama scenes too
Hugs C

Susan said...

Why, why, why do girls have to do drama? My daughters do it to each other all the time AND they are grown up! I don't get it! Anyway, hang in there Mom, relax and hopefully it will all work out at least until the next thing comes up!
LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Very happy right about now that my daughter decided two years ago after she attended a friend's prom as his date, that she'd never go back to her own. :)

Good luck, Jill! This too shall pass.

Chatty Crone said...

Whew proms are such a big deal - I think you did GREAT. sandie

Dianna said...

Hopefully, just writing all that out helped relieve a little of your stress!
And I hope everything goes smoothly the night of the Prom!

ღ Life According To Milo ღ said...

Once the prom is over, you will all look back and laugh. : ).. Well. Maybe! Good luck!