Monday, January 30, 2012

Who Me?

What a weekend, I have had!

On Friday, I came
to blogger and discovered I had won
this movie:

from Kimberly at
I have not seen this movie and
am so excited to see it.
Thank you so much, Kimberly!
I knew I had to come
on today to thank Kimberly and guess what?
I found out I won another give away this morning!
Here's what I won:

from Kathy at
Kathy's Double K Kraft's.
Once again, I am SO EXCITED!
Kathy, thank you tons!

I never win and had to check both of these posts three times each to make
sure I was reading them properly!

Each one of these ladies have wonderful blogs
and I do hope you check them out.

On a side note,
we had a little fun this weekend celebrating Becky's honor
of being a student of the month.
We stopped at a book fair,
each got new purses and wallets,
got haircuts and of course,
saw a movie.

I'll share what we saw if you PROMISE
not to laugh at me.
I can't help it!
They make me smile.
They make me laugh.
They make me dance (well,
OK, I contained myself in the theater
and only tapped my foot).

This is really a huge confession.
I'm in my 50's but I still LOVE...


Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked Poster

OK.  I'm going to go clean now.
I've embarrassed myself enough for today. WAS really cute!

Enjoy your Monday!


Chatty Crone said...

We share the same secret - I've seen it as well. It was a great 'squeakal' too. Usually they are not as good as the first, but this was.

And congrats on your win! You go girl. sandie

EG Wow said...

Love your enthusiasm, Jill! Congrats on winning twice in one weekend. Very cool!

Debbie said...

i'm more of a brad pitt kinda girl!!

nice score on those scrapbook supplies, that was an awesome giveaway!!

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Congrats on the winnings. Very well deserved I'm sure.
So glad you and Becky had time alone to bond. You both deserve to be pampered every once in a while.
About the movie, i love it. I did dance but here at home. It's ok to be a kid. God knows I am.
Have a great monday and don't clean to much. Even though that is what I am doing. I went to bed at 3am completing a mini album, was up at 5:15am with hubby to make him breakfast and put my bed sheets and comforter to wash, ironed, made oatmeal from scratch for him to have and sliced kiwis. I am exhausted so I decided to take a 5 minute break to see the blogs I like to follow.

Darcie (My Modern Country) said...

Yay for you! Sounds like a great weekend. And, hey...we are all kids at heart. Right?

Donna said...

Wowser Girl!!!! You ARE a winner! That's great!
And I have Always loved Alvin! You GO Girl!Hahaaa,,,

My Grama's Soul said...

Lucy you...Jill. I'm a hugh Alvin fan!!



Paula said...

Congrats on the wins girl. I don't watch movies anymore since I'm so busy watching cows and turtles but it sounds good to me.

Lynne said...

Congratulations Alvin lover . . . and good for you . . . you did some things for yourself!
(My thought, we never, ever do enough for ourselves.)

TexWisGirl said...

you're too cute! i think you should go for a triple-play and buy a lotto ticket or something!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, congratulations on winning the fabulous giveaways!!! I LOVE the Chipmunks! I even went to see them in concert and they were adorable!!! and one more thing--I saw your pic and thought you were in your 30s! So rock on, girlfriend!!!!

Anonymous said...

So happy you and Becky had a special day together!

Congrats on your wins! What nice gifts to receive!

Madi and Mom said...

Congrats on the wins...Mom says we might need to rub you head or something just to get some luck!!
Hugs Madi

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We watched Alvin and the Chipmunks this weekend (the Squeequel or whatever - on dvd). The boys love it.

Congrats on your wins!

Jenny Woolf said...

Well done! two in one weekend is pretty amazing! these things usually come in threes :)

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like Alvin too...and it is fun to get giveaways!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your wins ^_^ Sounds like you've had a great weekend! Enjoy your day!

Ellie said...

Congratulations on the two prizes - it must be your lucky week :))
I love Alvin as well - I loved it when it was on the telly recently.

Poppy said...

You're having a streak of luck! You should buy lottery tickets!

Michaele said...

I think you need to hit the casino girl! Congratulations!!

Flora said...

What a wonderful surprise!! And so wonderful for your daughter!!

Tammy said... are so funny :D

Congratulations on your wins!

Dawn's Craft Place said...

I was so excited when I seen you won at Kathy's...Congrats to you on both the wins.
Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.
Lol Alvin is adorable!

ღ Life According To Milo ღ said...

That's so great that you won two giveaways. : ).. Those stamps look nice! I love butterflys. Congrats! And that sounds like a great way to take some time and celebrate with Becky for her accomplishment. I'm sure that it meant just as much to spend time with you as the award did!

Donna said...

Wow, Jill!

Can't think of a nicer person to win all of the goodies! Congratulations, my friend! Have a nice movie night and fun scrappy time!


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I think you should go invest in a lottery ticket -- lucky girl! :)

Jill Wellington said...

That second prize is AWESOME! You'll have fun with that. And, you are NOT in your 50s! You look like you're in your 30s.

I'm in my mid-50s and LOVING every minute!