Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And So It Begins

The day after
every year,
I begin the transformation.

I love nothing more than
to dust off the Christmas decorations
and to place them in their special places.
Those places may change from year to year,
but the decorations remain the same.
I add a few new ones each year
but the special ones remain.

Today, I'll show the kitchen.
I found this adorable garland this year
at Goodwill.  Not a recycled item rather
a brand new find.
It fits my country style perfectly.

Little baskets and other goodies are
scattered about
but the tree of the corner
of my counter is a new addition
to the kitchen this year.
Pinecones and acorns
adorn the branches.

By day.

By night,
with Santa looking on.

Have you started your decorating yet?
I would love to see it if you have!



Chatty Crone said...

I love the ribbon you put around your tree with the pine cones - lovely.

No, I still haven't started decorating! lol


Dar said...

Your country style matches mine. I have not begun...except for the few swags gifted to our kids homes. I love the gingerbread men. What a sweet find.

Tiggeriffic said...

Ben, my grandson came yesterday and said "GranAnnie ? where is your tree?" I told him O.K. tonight when you come we will get the tree out and you can help.. HE was so excited~!
Lovely tree, I think the acorns are the best,,right from nature...nature is pointing up to God ...
Have a blessed day~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Hey Jill. Love the pines on your tree. Very nice. Love the red and green lights on your tree.
I am all done with the inside. Still have to put the lights outside.

TexWisGirl said...

nope. i don't decorate for the holidays. :)

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Jill, your new little garland is so cute, and your tree lit up at night (I know you could not wait for dark!) is so pretty!... hmmmm... yes, I have been decorating for over two weeks as you saw!... xoxo Julie Marie

Debbie said...

uuummmmm i have so much fun, for about the first 6 hours!! then i say the same darn thing (see, i didn't curse)....what was i thinking!! i started, but it's kinda a joke!! been sayin' tomorrow....ALOT!!

Anonymous said...

I love the garland - how cute!!
We have our Christmas trees up already. :)

Dianna said...

Haven't started yet. Not sure how Sundae-girl is going to accept the Christmas tree. We may put it up with no decorations for a couple of days...just to see if it ends up crashing to the floor!
love your garland and your tree!

Jackie said...

I love to decorate as well, I look forward seeing all your decorations. Isn't it fun :)

Furry Bottoms said...

That is beautiful, Jill! I started decorating, but have not yet finished. We're missing a box of some decorations in the garage somewhere!

Donna said...

Adorable Jill!

I'm putting up the tree in our bedroom today! We are either in the front of the house or in the back in our room, so those get the first trees! Love the idea for the kitchen and the lights, I may copy your idea for a corner in mine!

Have a wonderful day!

Shanda said...

Love your photos. You're inspiring me to start decorating!

Ellie said...

I love your new garland - it's quite unusual I haven't seen one like that before. Your tree looks lovely, nothing quite like Christmas tree lights to look nice and cheery.

Buttons said...

This looks fantastic. I am so ashamed I am still looking at getting rid of the dust LOL.
You are way ahead of me I will probably be starting, the way things are going, the night before Christmas when all through the house.... not a creature was stirring but Buttons without her mouse.:) B

Blessed Serendipity said...

Oh I love your tree and it looks magical lit up at night. I have been decorating too.


Leontien said...

Ohhhh Jill!!! haha
The Christmas bug hu?! haha

No haven't started decorating yet... Need to talk Bastiaan into getting the Christmas tree out of the basement...

big hugs

Gloria said...

All done here and soooooo enjoying it!

Sharon said...

Your picture with the lit tree looks so cozy!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Christmas decorating is a wonderful tradition, one which we thankfully don't outgrow!

BettyJean @ Shabby Tea Party said...

Hi Jill, your gingerbread garland is so adorable. Have you wrapped up any gifts as yet...would love it if you could link up to my Wednesday Wrap Party. Warm Hugs,

Lynne said...

Today is the day . . . with much to do.

A mini dinner entertainment occurred last evening for our neighbor friends to the south of us who are leaving for their winter Florida home. I made a yummy "hot dish" I haven't made in awhile. My hubby was all smiles! And our friends enjoyed it too . . . After I had the food organized yesterday I took off into the woods behind our home and cut some white pine and fir boughs. I also cut some holly, cedar and boxwood to add to my natural decorating. I created a quick centerpiece with some of the white pine, mercury glass, charcoal gray pinecones and candles. And that is all I have accomplished so far . . . today it begins . . . and I can't wait. I love the creating part . . . To let the ideas which have been swimming around in my head come to fruition.

We enjoy having friends in our home during the holidays to take the time to visit and be together. Taking time to sit around a table together is a "good thing." The grandchidren enjoy it, especially when we all share stories about our past. And for our youngest grandson . . . a huge bowl of mashed potatoes!

Enjoy your creating Jill!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

A beautiful scene, Jill. Your kids must love sitting in front of the tree on a quiet winter's night. :)

EG Wow said...

Your house is looking very festive, Jill!