Saturday, October 29, 2011

Most of the leaves
have fallen here
but a few mighty
cling to theirs until spring.

Hanging on tight,
like we so often do.
Maybe to loved ones,
dreams unaccomplished,
memories of happier times.

If we know what's good for us,
we try to use them
to propel us forward.

it's not always easy.
We are wrapped
in a cocoon
of warmth, love and security.
Why forfeit it all
for the unknown?

Because we must.
For future generations.
For our emotional health
and well being.
It's hard.
But then,
nothing good
comes easy.


Gloria said...

Hmmm....very deep! Beautiful photo!

Bonnie said...

You are right, all good things do come with a price tag. And change is sometimes difficult but must be looked at as an adventure. I, too, see change heading our way. Change is inevitable if we want to keep moving forward. I get the sense you have somethings weighing heavy right now. I wish you well. Bonnie

Donna said...

Well said and so true...Love the tree shot!!
Have a Sweet weekend friend!

Anonymous said...

So true, and a beautiful photo. Enjoy your day, Jill.

Debbie said...

did you write this?? it is beautiful!! the picture is gorgeous!!

have a happy weekend!!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Fall comes.
leaves fall.
winter comes.
and then we have the birth of
spring to look forward to.

Sending hugs,

Anonymous said...

Love that burnt orange color... one of my favorite colors... so beautiful! =)

Ed Pilolla said...

hmmm, letting go is an inescapable a part of this life. and it can be a beautiful thing. each in their own time, even the mighty oaks.