Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just a Few More Days...

I can't deny it any longer.  In only a few short days, I'll be forced to bid farewell to summer.  Confident that the weather shall remain filled with warm days and cooler nights, which I adore, I will miss retiring at night when I wish and rising in the morning when I am ready.

New clothes are hanging in the closet ready and waiting.  The backpack is filled to capacity with all required supplies.  New shoes await the feet of a Senior to fill them.  Everything is ready.

Except for the two of us.  The girl won't allow me to utter that 6 letter word that begins on Tuesday.  She is not her usual, eager self this year.  Unable to effectively state her reasoning, I think I may be able to figure it out.

Dear June:
Your cooler temperatures and numerous rainy days left us captured indoors for longer than we like.  Camping was elusive as the weather remained unpredictable.

Dear July:
Your heat and humidity kept us captive once more.  Yes, we escaped for a time or two, toughened up as we Minnesota girls do, to endure it all for the rodeo or trips to the beach.  Yet, at times, it was too uncomfortable to do even those excursions.

Dear August:
Alas!  Summer began.  While bouts of high heat and humidity continued, you sprinkled in some perfect summer days and nights.  A camping trip, a girls weekend away, all made possible by you.  But, August,where have you gone?  You were so fleeting and we were sad to say goodbye.

Hello September:
We're not ready for you.  Yes, we'll enjoy some cooler weather. Maybe even an Indian Summer if we are fortunate.  But you came too soon.  You brought school with you.  There is some good news.  The bus got moved from 6:14 a.m. to 6:35 a.m.  Thank you for that!  We received news that The Girl will have the case manager we prayed she would have.  Fantastic news.  However, the anxiety has begun.  It presents in girl with picking.  Picking her skin.  Her beautiful skin until it bleeds.  I do all I can to reassure her and love her but I can't make headway in this battle.  My anxiety comes from dealing with the school.  The battles have already begun.  Making sure my daughter's rights do not get forgotten.  No doubt, I will have a knot in my stomach from now until June but I shall remain positive.  The Girl will have a good year.  Filled with new challenges, friendships and experiences.

As the TV clicker points to off, the IPOD lies still on the table, the steady breathing of The Girl and her pets envelope me with pleasure, I bid you good-bye, Dear Summer.


Gloria said...

May Sept. bring you and your daughter, many magical moments, and your hearts filled with tons of love!

Sonya Heilmann said...

I hope your daughter has a successful school year!

Donna said...

I'm sending prayers that she enjoys this year as NO other!!!
Happy weekend Jill!

TexWisGirl said...

i'm sorry she (and you) are stressing. i hope after tuesday and maybe the rest of next week, she'll be more settled in again and feeling good about things.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad her bus schedule was changed to a little later time. I hope and pray this year is her best ever (and yours too!)

Madi and Mom said...

I'm sorry your Girl has such anxiety before school starts. Hopefully, once she gets in a routine things will even out for both of you.
Big hugs
Madi and Mom

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

May she have a really wonderful year with minimal stress. I hope everything goes smoothly for her!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I always got a bit nervous before school started each year -- usually after a week or two went by -- it was old hat. I hope your daughter eases into it the same way. Big hugs and encouragement your way, Jill. :)

Debbie said...

you ALWAYS find the silver lining!! i just have this feeling it will be wonderful!!

and thank god on that time change, that's a relief even for us!! haha

Debbie said...

oooohhhh i forgot to say how much i enjoyed reading this!!!

Jackie said...

Hope the first day of school bring sweet joy to your daughter and to you as well Jill. Keep up the positive attitude.

Tiggeriffic said...

I was having a huge problem with writing comments.. I finally found out that when you sign in if the little box that says keep me signed in is checked..take the check mark off of this little box.. Ta Da it worked for me.
Sorry for the anxiety of first day of school for your girl.. Next Tues. is fast approaching~! Prayfully this year it will go well for you and your girl.
Have a Tiggeriffic Labor Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Susan said...

Sending good wishes for a happy start back to school. Just reading through your posts Jill, you've met each challenge in your own special way. Here's hoping there's less to meet. The change of the school bus time is a good start :D)

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Wishing you and your lovely daughter the very best.

It is such a difficult time for you both. Thankfully the bus is now at a later time which will make mornings a bit better for you.

She will be fine when she settles but until then I'm thinking of you both.

Remember to take care of yourself too Jill.

Dianna said...

Oh, Jill,
This post was just filled with the love of a mother for her child. I disliked school immensely and can totally understand your daughter not allowing you to utter that 6 letter word.
I wish both of you a very smooth school year. So glad she got the case manager you were hoping to have.

snowwhite said...

Hi, Jill
Thanks a lot for your kind concern.
Debbie is right. I think the silver lining is the fittest expression!! Even though you are in the difficult time, your words sound wonderful and poetic as they are full of tenderness and love for your daughter. My best wishes to both of you.

Michaele said...

That extra 20 in the morning is a blessing! Sorry about the stress. Knowing she has you means the world to her. Just a safe place to fall at the end of the day is something we all need.

Madi and Mom said...

PS Ms. Jill,
Mom has been thinking back to when my human sis started school each year. She also remebers that she had anxiety about the first day too...who would she eat lunch with, who would be in her class, who would she walk to class she expects a little bit of what your special girl is experiencing is very normal with all teens. Tell your speical girl everyone experiences anxiety the first day.

Janie2 said...

Jill, you are so creative with writing. I enjoyed the way you described each month. Great idea. Being a mom is difficult let alone a mom with special need children. Seen it in the school system when I worked. Anxiety is certainly a challenge, but for you it spreads out more. Seniorhood is hard enough, will be thinking of you and "the girl". Sending peace to her, and that she finds great new friends to help ease her worries. But most of all to you the mom that does what all moms do, make it work. Take care, and don't forget to breath.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

We are also bidding farewell to summer! But I echo the thoughts of everyone who has commented before me for all to go well with the school year--I have a feeling that it will!

Ed Pilolla said...

you minnesota girls are tough. when i lived in mn, i noticed that as soon as the weather got above freezing, everyone was jogging and riding bikes. no one waited for 80 degrees. no screwing around:)