Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two Things I Hate About...

being single.

1) When anything with the computer goes wrong.
I immediately become crabby!
I am not proud of it
but I mean C R A B B Y!
I dread calling the help line.
I get a tightness in my chest
and my tummy hurts.
I feel like pulling my hair out,
or bashing my computer
(no, I am not a violent person except the rare occasions like this).
I don't know or
understand the technology.
I tell them right up front..
You are working with a
It helps with some of the people,
some just get ugly.
And this is with the ones
I can understand.
I'm sorry.
But I am not multi lingual.
I try to understand, I really do.
That part of my brain just doesn't work.
Now you all understand
why I have a very plain blog. ha!

Due to very sporadic Internet service
I think a new router is in order.
Bought one today,
having it installed on Monday.
If I don't comment on your blogs,
please forgive me.
I'm been keeping up so far
but who knows what tomorrow
will bring?

2)  When anything mechanically goes wrong
I just fall apart.
I am pretty tough,
I think.
There's a lot more I can
do as a single lady
than I had ever thought
I'd be able to do.
But this house,
more pointedly,
the garage on this house has pushed me
to the limit!
In a nut shell:
Old garage door FELL
onto my vehicle.
Placed a call
(which I dread almost as much as for tech help).
Replaced it.

A month later,
garage door opener...
I could only shut it
from inside while holding the button down
and couldn't open it from the vehicle.
Placed a call.
Replaced it.

Another month passes,
garage door...
came off of the track.
Couldn't shut it for several days.
Placed a call.
Repaired it.

In these cases, all I see are dollar signs.

I can bring home the bacon
and fry it up.
I can raise two special
needs kids
and send them on their way.
I can measure and edge a garden or two,
trim my own trees,
mow the yard,
plow the driveway
but I'll be darned...
technology AND mechanical things get the best of me!

Whew.  Thanks for letting me
get that off my chest!
Back to happy thoughts next time
(Oh please let them be happy times coming up,
pretty please)?


Sharon said...

I, too, am techno challenged. I have to explain to the help line that I don't understand geek speak and they should describe the part I need to work with.

I couldn't hang a garage door - ever - KUDOS!

TexWisGirl said...

i'm not a handy person either so end up having to hire contractors for anything mechanical or construction-related... hate it.

Michaele said...

You know I hear you girl. But I would like to let you in on a little secret. If you ever do decide to tackle a mechanical problem and you even half way learn something, you will gain so much self-confidence you will wonder what you were ever afraid of. There is SO much information out there on the internet and especially you tube. Hey - we do what we have to do to survive right? ('cept the heavy stuff)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sorry about the frustrations. I can do a lot too, but certain things...whew! My hubby is out of town, and I just tried to get the old carseat out to install a new booster for Pierce. Well! That thing was in so tight, and the temp in the car was 150* at least and I was about to throw a big fit. I tell ya. I finally got it done though.

Debbie said..., your blog's not plain, it's awesome!!!

computer problems make me cry, really cry. 10 years ago i did not even know how to uss a computer.....and what did we do before computers, cause i'm on mine all day long!!!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Maybe I'll make you feel better. I have a raccoon that's killing my birds at night and the hubby is out of town. He suggested setting the trap and then shooting the varmit in the morning. Umm, sure. I can do that.

Furry Bottoms said...

Hehehe when I think about what makes me crabby... I think of a crowd of people. Like at the mall. Oh that brings the worst out of me!

missing moments said...

Oh I hear you! Hate working on those two things ... usually I google to find my answers. Sometimes that works, sometimes not!

Tiggeriffic said...

I try to fix things myself as my husband is a mechanic and no help. I went out and bought one of those fixer upper do it yourself books.. That helped me a lot.
Technology is something I try and then I call my friend who knows what he is doing and he gets me back on track.
Life can sometimes be frustrating~! Rats~! Nuts~! hang in there you are doing great~!
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Janice@GypsyFarmGirl said...

I know what you mean! If something ever happened to my husband, I don't think I could get the tv turned on right! He has so many wires and stuff going on with it, I wouldn't know where to start!

Jackie said...

I love your (very cool) blog
You are a strong woman
a wonderful mom
You're brave enough to call the help line...I sometimes cant even do that.
You dont give yourself enough credit
We all struggle, and it's always good to get it off our chests
Always look forward to reading what you're up to :)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I might as well be single when it comes to the computer...ha! I'm the most technology challenged person you'll ever meet, but hubby knows even less than I when it comes to the computer. He doesn't want to even learn! And I hate those places you call for help because I can't understand a word they say.

I think you have a really nice blog!

Ellie said...

I am a complete computer dinosaur. I hate having to ask for help from daughters and husband as they look at me is if - well you know what I mean! LOL

Gloria said...

Know what you mean! So thankful I know more than the hubby though!

Samantha said...

I love your blog!
We all have our *weak spots*...mine is anything car related. I stress over calling to schedule maintenance appointments! LOL

Darla said...

Deep breaths Jill, deep breaths!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

You sound like me. Technology challenged over here and mechanically dead!! My kids or hubby have to help me out quite a lot in those areas.