Monday, July 4, 2011

Pirates on Pontoons

I shouldn't be
allowed out in
in a swim suit.
But at 53, I've realized
nobody looks at me anyway (I love being
53 for this reason...ha)!

the 'kids' and I have
been spending our days
in the lake nearby
(Lake George for
the locals). 

It is almost the
perfect lake.
Warm. Relatively shallow.
Sandy bottom.
I have always
been a "water baby"
and my 'kids'
follow suit.

We were in for
quite a surprise
while swimming today.
As we frolicked in
the water
a fleet of pontoons
were soon
in front of us.
Let me reassure you,
we were not in danger.
We paused what we were doing,
as we first noticed
Old Glory,

flying proudly above the pontoons
(each and every one had her).
But then...
we noticed something else...
something quite unexpected.

(I wish I had pictures but alas,
I do not have a waterproof camera).
They each were
flying pirate flags!
BIG pirate flags!
It was a whole fleet
of Pirates on Pontoons!
Some had skulls hanging up on them.
Some of them
had pirates in the midst of
sword fights.
One yelled out to his fellow
"Swimmers on the starboard,
shoot them!"
the shots that rang out
were merely from a drum.

What fun!
Turns out, these people were
representing the
counties conservation district.
What a clever, memorable,
entertaining idea!

We waved them farewell
and resumed our swim
amoung many others
celebrating at the beach today.

We each had goosebumps
as a bald eagle
soared silently
through the air above us.

This is the way
to celebrate
our countries 235th birthday.
Let's never forget...
"Freedom isn't Free."


Anonymous said...

Mankind..I just got goosebumps!


Michelle said...

WHOA, I am sitting here covered in goose bumps! AWESOME!

Michaele said...

How cool is that!? Another thing that is cool, is that not only are we both single moms (which I delight in finding in bloggerville), but we are also the same age. Nice getting to know you : )

texwisgirl said...

pirate pontoons. too funny. so thrilled you got to see a bald eagle!!!

Sharon said...

Makes for a memorable 4th of July, I'm sure!

Leontien said...

That sounds scary and fun at the same time!

Have a great 4th!!!

Paula said...

Wow! You had a great 4th. We just kind of did the same ole thing but thats okay.

snowwhite said...

Congratulations on a happy July 4th! The bald eagle is very symbolic!!
Jill, your story is very very very funny!! I do love the punch line of your story.
I agree with you 100 %, "Freedom isn't Free." How important not to forget it is!
Have a great day!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

How cool is that? To have a bald eagle do a fly over on the 4th!! Glad you had a great time! Sounds like a perfect day. Take care. ~Cheryl

Joelaindien said...

really nice !

Anonymous said...

Why do really neat things happen when we don't have a camera!? I bet that was a sight to see. Glad you enjoyed your 4th!

Kayla said...

Good thing you have such awesome writing skills - so you can help us paint pictures in our minds of what you saw! Great job, as usual! Those are my kind of pirates!

Jaime said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Madi and Mom said...

Oh my goodness what a fun thing to happen upon.
I love surprises like that and am so glad you all had a good day.
Hugs madi and mom

Valerie said...

Wouldn't Mom have loved the Pirates on Pontoons! Did you see Jack Sparrow? Aye Matey, a good piece of writtin' thar. Good thing none of them pirates jumped ship because they thought you and Becky were mermaids.