Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Two Hours...

School will be OUT for summer!

In about four hours,

I'll say good-bye
to my little buddy.
I'll still see him,
but not 2-3 days a week
like I normally would.
He's been such
a good playmate
for me.

In about 6 hours,
People Swimming on Summer Day at the Lake Stock Photo - 2487408
you might just
find me
jumping in the lake.

Cause baby,
it's HOT

Enjoy your day.


texwisgirl said...

look at that little face!

Jackie said...

You got a lake to jump in? I'd go for it if I were you!!!

Anonymous said...

The perfect summertime post!

Hope you got to cool off in the lake today!

Lottie said...

That lake looks GREAT! I'm in!

Jaime said...

It's going to be 88 here in Buffalo today. i wish I had a lake to jump in, but maybe the pool will have to do:)