Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Easy Breezy

After a
102 degrees
the windows are
wide open
this morning.

There is a
cool breeze
floating through the house.
It's filled with
song birds singing
and sweet smells
of summer.

It's the first day
of summer vacation!
While I didn't have
to set my alarm
(and was so glad of it)
my "pets" had other ideas.

You see,
sleeps in my room,
closed door.

While Cupid
sleeps in my
daughter's room,
door open.

Clever cat that he is,
when he is hungry,
he paces back
and forth in front of
my bedroom door
until the dog growls at
which promptly wakes me up
so that I will get up
to feed him.

Thus, my first day "off"
I was up at 4:00 a.m.

At least I got
some cleaning
done in the wee hours. ha!

I was happy
to be able to
water my garden(s)
without watching
the water
evaporate before it
satisfied the plants
need for water.

And I did
get out to admire
these beauties.

I hope you
get a moment
(or two)
today to enjoy
your vignettes of summer!


texwisgirl said...

oh, that sets the stage for a perfectly fine afternoon nap then!!! :)

Young Adventures... said...

Can you believe the heat we have had Jill?!?! Today is going to be beautiful! I'm hoping the children do not have too much homework tonight. I would love to take a walk with the family. We still have a few more days of school. Thanks for sharing your beautiful morning with us.

Dianna said...

Amazing that your irises are just now blooming - ours have been long gone.
Send us some of those cool temps - near 100 today!

Valerie said...

The last of my irises are blooming now. I hate to see them be done. Yours our so pretty. I love being in the garden at sunup too.