Friday, May 27, 2011

Slow But Sure

My new little
"fairy garden"
is coming a long,
slowly but surely.

While I love to
walk along it's path,
I do enjoy
admiring it from above.

I thought I'd share a few
highlights today
as things
are progressing.

At least the ferns are enjoying all of the rain.

The day lilies are reaching for the fuchsia.

The anemone are almost ready to bloom.
I couldn't catch one,
but the birds have been enjoying
the birdbath.

More rain and storms are
predicted for the weekend.
Here's hoping that
have sunshine.


Valerie said...

I wish I was there to walk through the garden with you!

texwisgirl said...

we'll be having 90s for temps and lots of sun. summer is about here...

Anonymous said...

Love your little fairy garden - so sweet!
We had a drop-dead gorgeous sunrise (photos of which will probably be coming to a blog near you soon!), but the forecast is for scattered t'storms.
Have a good one!

Kathy said...

Love your fairy garden - what a sweet idea - thank you for taking us on a walk through your garden,

Young Adventures... said...

Very sweet Jill! We actually have sun here. I didn't think we were supposed to, but it makes me happy. I hope you are seeing some too.