Friday, April 8, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That Friday

Good Morning
and Happy Friday to all!
Doesn't that just feel
good to hear?

Anyway, I've got a jumble of things
tumbling around in my head this morning
so I'm just going to put it out there.
Pretty scary proposition
but I'm one for cheap thrills.

First, I'd like to offer a few
of my recent beauty finds.
I am confident you will, do doubt,
find them invaluable!

1)  Before shaving, I highly recommend you
remove the safety cover from your razor.

2)  When using facial hair remover,
remember, it does just that...
it removes hair. 
Therefore, I very strongly encourage you to
leave it on your face
and not in your hair.

3)  Spraying mousse in your
hair to hold your style does not work.
Make sure, before you spray,
that you are holding
the hair spray, not the mousse.

4)  Do not mix up your
facial moisturizer with
Neosporin or similar product.

Now, I'm not saying I've done any of these
things, but just thought I'd pass them along
in case you're having a rough morning.

Insert dramatic pause here...
( truth, I'm just trying to remember what else I was going to write about today)

Oh yea.
I got it!

Prom is tomorrow.
Have I mentioned that before?
Dear daughter is off for a leisurely day at school.
Her Mom (that would me me) gets (?) to do the following:

A) Run to the bank
(Prom was never that expensive in "my" day.  Oops!  I sound like my parents.  When did THAT happen)?
B) Gas up the car. 
(I am hoping it's no higher than yesterday's $3.73/gallon).
C) Get said car washed.
D) Clean interior of car myself.
E)  Clean the windows of the car myself.
F)  Prepare for doing daughter's
manicure and pedicure tonight.
G)  Line up all Prom essentials for said
daughter tonight.
F)  Replace loops for hook
on Prom dress.
G)  Shave my legs.
(Oh wait, that's her, not me).
H.  Load and haul
the 38 piles of pine needles I raked
up yesterday.
(Can't wait as potentially severe weather here on Sunday).
All that and I don't even have a date!

And finally...
figure out what I'll write about to
bore you all with once Prom is over.

Well, you know you'll be
seeing one more Prom post.
I will have to do a recap.

Of course,
I realize you do not have to read
said recap of Prom,
but I will have to write it.

Happy week-end everyone!


Kandi said...

You don't have me fooled with your list. As long as they weren't all done in the same day you're good. :) Can't wait to see prom pictures and hear all about it!

Jill said... foolin' here, Kandi. That is my to-do list for TODAY! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

You have a busy day planned! Hope everything goes smoothly.
Can't wait to see prom pics and read all about it!

Young Adventures... said...

Sounds like a busy/fun weekend. Can't wait to hear all about prom!
The first part of your post had me totally laughing. Have a great weekend Jill!

Jackie said...

Wow what a busy Friday you have had. Hope you have a great weekend with all the prom going on's. Cant wait to hear about it.

Mary said...

Can't wait to see Becky tonight. I'm sure she will look beautiful and have such a good time! It will be a special memory for her!

Kayla said...

I can't wait to see pictures! You should chronicle all your to do list items in pictures - add that to your list! Ha. Just kidding!