Monday, April 11, 2011

I Lied

I promised the other day
that there would be no more Prom posts.
I am sorry.
I lied.

Let me explain.
Having a special needs child isn't easy.
I used to be a relatively
shy and quiet person.
Then I had my kids.

It didn't take me long to realize
that this was a very easy task for me,
but it's not easy for everyone
to accept and understand them,
However, luckily for me,
I have good family and friends
that did and continue to accept and love them.

I'm not going to take a lot of time
on the negative side to all of this.
However, I will say that I quickly learned
that people I thought I could trust,
I couldn't.
I couldn't assume
that all educators had their best interest at heart.
This Prom had many trials, tribulations
and battles going in.

Today, however,
my heart is overflowing
with warmth and gratitude.

To my sister,
for letting my daughter (and me)
share in our progress, step by step.

To my dear friends,
that held me up and supported me.
You helped me to help Becky
have an unforgettable night.
To the friend that came to
Grand March, to show you
 her support.

To the teachers that attended
Grand March to let our children
know they are important to you.
To the teacher that told my daughter
that she was a good dancer.
She will not forget the kindness
your showed her, nor will I.

To the educational assistant
that readily volunteered to be there in case my daughter
needed her.
She took pictures (we parents weren't allowed in),
 wiped the
chocolate off Becky's dress
and joined the kids in lots of dancing.

To the peers in the bathroom
that were overheard saying
"Those kids (our little group)
make this dance so much fun!"

To the waitress that
voluntarily came in to let
us know our kids were doing great
and having fun.

To the principle,
who watched and smiled silently
as our girls left
the night of their dreams.
I hope you remember the joy
you observed.

To my readers,
thank you for all of your
sweet comments.
They made this mother proud.

The only words I can find are:
Thank you all.
I feel blessed.


Jackie said...

Ok....that made me kinda teary eyed. So happy for you and your sweet daughter.

Mary said...

What a beautiful post!! I'm so glad the night was a success and the kids had a good time!

Valerie said...

Kiss Cinderella good night for me. Love, Auntie Val and I hope the angels will kiss her Mommy goodnight.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jackie. My eyes are filled with tears too.
So thankful for all those folks who made your daughter's special night even more special!

Nanniepannie said...

I had to catch up. My computer has been super sluggish lately, which has made it "no fun" to go blog reading. Your daughter looked so lovely in her party dress. Hope she had a wonderful time. Your post about the night was so sweet.