Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brag on Your Kids Day

I'm taking part in a 
a link up through
KandiLand Blog today! 

Where to begin on a post about my children.
I guess that would be at the beginning.
What a thoughtful choice on my part, right?

Both of my children (25 and 17)
came into my heart differently than most.
Taking a line from my favorite poem,
"They did not grow under my  heart,
rather in my heart."
You see, at the age of 26,
I had surgery that left me
without the ability to birth
a child in the usual sense of the word.
But birth them, I did.
I prayed for them.
I loved them before
I knew them.
Just like any other Mom out there.

In making the immediate decision to adopt,
we (at the time I was married)
chose to accept any child
that God had planned for us.
Our first was a 2.5 year old boy
with the most beautiful brown eyes
(just like my Dad and sister)
and the most charming smile you've
ever seen.
From the very first moment I saw him,
he was mine.
From the very first outing we took him on,
he called me Mom.

Eight years later,
the call came that I  never dared hope for.
My baby daughter was born.
Two days later,
we rushed to the hospital and brought her home.
A delightful baby in every way...
absolutely beautiful,
full of smiles and joy all around.
I had my son.
I had my daughter.
My heart was over flowing.

Having special needs children
has changed me in ways I can't even
begin to explain.
I could write pages and
pages about the laughter,
joy, and tears they have brought me.
I'm controlling myself
(for your sake)
and narrowing down to the most important thing
I have learned from these two
miracles, I am privileged
to call my children.

That is perseverance.
I know in God's eyes,
they are perfect,
as they are in mine.
I am here to tell you they
have each had much
in their young lives.
The loss of those very dear to them,
being teased for being 'different',
being outcast for being 'different',
things that have been done to them that
no adult, no human should have to endure.

Yet, they persevere.
They don't run away.
They get up,
each and every day,
with a smile,
a huge smile on their faces,
and greet each day
as a new day,
full of opportunities.
They forget and forgive
those that have done them harm.
I am continually
humbled, amazed and graced
with their determination and great spirits.

My kids.
What wonderful human beings they are.
Nah...they aren't perfect,
no one is.
However, they are my everyday heroes.
My deepest thanks to the heroic
biological parents
that chose to place their
children up for adoption,
so a person like me
can raise and love a child like no other.

Thank you for the chance to brag on my kids.
By nature, I am not a bragger,
yet I have a LOT to brag about
when it comes to my kids.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post about your children, Jill! Tears in my eyes just reading this. And what a great Mom you obviously are!

Kandi said...

I got tears when you said your son called you Mom from the first outing. That's the most wonderful thing! What blessings your kids are and what a blessing you are to them! Not every special needs child has such a mother like you. We could all learn a few things from the two of them. I love that they greet each new day with a smile and a fresh start. It's the perfect attitude to have.

Thank you so much for linking! I loved this post so much!

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

Well Jill , I think you hit the nail on the head when you said, "I could write pages and pages about the laughter, joy, and tears they have brought me". You really ought to write. You have so many great things to share about your special needs kids and "mothering" them.
I'm glad you were able to freely "brag on" you children. You seem like that perfect God-picked mom for your kids. I love how you talk about what YOU have learned from them. Nice tribute Jill :)

Kayla said...

I am with Jackie. I think you should consider writing a book - or something. I don't know your son very well, but I can totally see Becky getting up with a huge smile on her face ready to face a new day! I think you should brag on your kids more - so we can get to know them better!!!

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

This is a beautiful post. Being a mom is the most important job out there. It doesn't matter how you become one, just that you are.

Valerie said...

I remember when Mom and I were having lunch one day and she got teary eyed with every baby she saw and said, "I feel so bad Jill can't have babies." And when you "had" TJ and when you "had" Becky she was absolutely thrilled for you...and herself! She loved your kids. Years later she grieved for me because I didn't have any grandchildren and then seven months after she left us, Isaac was adopted into our family. You and I have both been so blessed to have expanded our families through adoption and I join you in being thankful for mothers who loved their children enough to let another family raise them. You have loved and advocated for your children with a fierce passion and commitment. Along the way I am sure you have taught many professional people what real love and caring can accomplish. So there. I just bragged about you!

Heidi said...

Your post was wonderful! I will be waiting for the book... :) said...

yup- book. just start writing & save it on the computer & then you can turn it into an e-book or more later. you write beautifully, get it down "on paper" (computer) and i'll help coach you through the rest later if you'd like.i have the info.- i'm working on a homeschool "how to" for those who want to but are afraid to step out and homeschool their kids- but ya'll don't tell anybody yet! (not ready- afraid of failure) maybe we can encourage each other....I love reading your beautiful stories!