Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not That Again! *Updated* (I found the rest of my pictures)

Everyone has it.
Often times,
more than their fair share.

I don't handle it well.
Food is too often the
great comforter for me.

What is it, you ask? 


S T R E S S!

I'm hopeful someone out there
can relate to me on this one.
I'm trying really hard to change my ways.
I really am.

A few weeks ago,
it was one of those days weeks.
I snuck out to the deck
for some fresh air,
hoping that would help.

Here is what I saw:

With my camera,
there is no way I can do it justice.
Please trust me when I tell you
that it was beautiful!

Just in case you're
having any S T R E S S,
I thought
you might like to stare at the full moon too.

It's a pretty sight and the best part?
No calories!

Have a great day!


Karen's Ideas Galore said...

Hmmm -- funny you should mention stress...I just printed this quote from here:

Young Adventures... said...

That moon was so big and beautiful, loved it! Hope you can get some rest soon. Take care Jill.


Jackie said...

you went one step further than me and took the picture. It was a beautiful site.

Valerie said...

OK, you can look at the moon but no howling or I am coming to get you!