Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Do you believe in Santa Claus?
I hope you do.
I do.

He may not come in a big red suit,
nor sail over homes in a sleigh.
He may not have Rudolph, or Donder or Blitzen,
nor elves at his beckon call.

But none the less, he is.
We all remember Virginia
and the reporter who answered her plea,
assuring her that Santa is real.

If you are an adult,
it may be harder to believe.
Although, if you can just slow down,
look around you, you may see him too.

He's in the eyes of a child,
awestruck at the lights of Christmas.
The sparkle of their eyes,
when they see Santa at the mall.

Maybe he's the spouse that called you today,
just to see how you were,
or to tell you they love you,
or just sat on the couch with you.

He could be the friend that visited,
that shared their love with you,
listened to you cry, complain or vent,
or just giggled with you over tea.

He could be the clerk in the store,
that took that extra minute
to help you search for just the right thing,
or wished you a Merry Christmas.

Maybe it's a grown child
that stepped up this year to make your holiday bright,
or a grandchild that loves no place better than your lap,
and freely showers you with hugs and kisses.

He's in the holiday cards,
wishing you holiday cheer,
or that special gift,
some one just knew you must have.

He's the full moon poking through your window,
warming you with his glow.
He's in the snowflakes,
dancing through the sky.

He's a part of your dreams,
your hopes and wishes.
He is in your heart.
He is love.

Just let go,
embrace your inner child.
Free yourself...


Kandi said...

I recently read an article on Saint Nickolas that was so wonderful - he was a Christian man (priest, I think) who went around doing good for others and donating all his money in the name of God. And he was from a pretty well-off family. So yes, I believe! Love that picture of Santa you posted, too. :)

Valerie said...

My favorite line:

"He's the full moon poking through your window,
warming you with his glow."

And sometimes he is in the heart and words of your younger sister. A true champion of all that's Merry in Christmas.