Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Morning New Day

I know many of you hate the snow and winter.
But I happen to love it for the most part.
Especially the snow.
I love the way it gracefully dances through the sky.
And the way it softly clings to the awaiting pine boughs.
The whiteness and purity of it all makes me believe
it's a blanket of love from above.
It offers a cleansing of sorts.

A reminder to each of us...
It's time to snuggle in.
To be with family and friends.
Slow down. 
Don't be afraid.
Embrace what I have to offer you.

Quiet, peace, a soft place to land.


Valerie said...

There are so many beautiful phrases in your post.
"Snow dancing through the sky, a soft place to land, embrace what I have to offer." I love the hymn that says, "Whiter than snow, whiter than snow, Now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow." Your photos are magical. I'm not sure, are those snowflakes or fairies?

Kayla said...

I miss this. I really, really do....but it was about 70 and crisp outside here today - the leaves are just starting to peak....seems like we live in a totally different world than Minnesota now!