Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coffee Anyone?

The other day, a friend of mine said
"I just want a day where I can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee without having to rush off anywhere."

A couple of days after that, another friend reminded us all to
"Stop and smell the coffee."

While I haven't been able to drink coffee for 25 years,
I still like the idea of sitting on the deck or at the kitchen table
while drinking coffee, visiting with a friend or just enjoying
the early morning sunrise. It's the opportune time to reflect on the past or appreciate the present.

Today, I'd like to share my morning contemplations with you.
You see, tomorrow, Monday, Sept. 20 marks the one year anniversary of my sisters liver transplant.  She needed this transplant through no fault of her own.
This day, a year ago, I questioned whether or not I'd be able to say I have a sister.
Things were looking pretty bleak for her.
Her memory was fading, she suffered from severe fatigue and often times,
her speech was slurred and her thoughts were muddled.
I'm sure there was more going on that I wasn't able to see first hand.
Only Valerie knows what it was really like in those days.

But thanks to a young boys family, whom made the ultimate sacrifice upon his death, my sister was given a second chance at life.
I am here to attest to the fact that she, indeed, deserved that second chance.
She has a beautiful, caring, giving spirit that the world benefits from.
Fortunately, I do too.  She is my sister, after all.

So today I have a few requests for you, dear readers.

1)Please pray for the donors family in what must be a very difficult anniversary for them.
2)  If you are not an organ donor, please consider doing so the next time you need to renew your license.  It really can save someones life.
3)  Stop and smell the flowers.  Have a cup of coffee on the deck.  Call and tell someone you love them. 

Tomorrow, my sister is going to celebrate her anniversary of life.
Those closest to her will join her.
While I won't be able to be with her,
I will be there in spirit.

So today, I am telling her these things:
I'm glad she's still here.
I'm glad she's the fighter that she is.
She has taught me grace under pressure.
Her star shines brightly, once again.
I'm glad she's my sister.
And of course,
I'm telling her I love her.

I love you, Val!

And so do my kids.


Valerie Godsey said...

Thank you Jill for your beautiful thoughts. Thank you for loving me every step of the way. Thank you for being my sister, friend and mother as we entered an unknown land. Your devotion to me made me feel safe; like everything would turn out just fine. Your love, Jim's love, the love of friends and the love of God shown to us through Jesus shined up whatever star I had and made me well. I am thankful to my donor's family. I ache for them today. I look forward to many more years of loving you and being loved by you. Valerie

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Oh Jill! I will pray for Valerie's donor's family! It is a sad day and a joyous day as Valerie has "life"! What a blessing that the medical field has advanced so much! And so much to be thankful for..God bless you. May Jesus be with you all..
In His love

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill: I posted a comment yesterday on this blog. Not sure what happened to it. I was moved to tears when I read it. I, too, know the importance of taking time to thank God for each day and to "to stop and smell the roses"! before cancer I was always rushing and didn't take time to appreciate the day. How my life has changed...for the better, I might add.
I am sure it is true the family of a donor does experience a bittersweet feeling on the anniversary of the donor's passing, however, I know from a relative's personal experience they are grateful their son's death was not in vain when they were able to donate his organs. Valerie you so much deserve to be have been given the second chance. I don't know you personally, only through Jill but you sound like a truly wonderful person. I am very happy for you. May God be with you! You are also blessed for having such a wonderful sister. I know because she is like a sister to me also. Mona