Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Gifts

It was a warm, sunny, early summer morning when I felt determined to photograph a hummingbird while feeding at my feeder.  Max and I snuck out of the house ever so quietly as Becky was still sleeping.  I wasn't sure I could count on Max not to chase the birds away but he was really good. Here he is:

I was pleasantly surprised as he silently sat at my side.
I was settled on the lawn in a half sitting, half lying down position that was not comfortable or attractive but I was hunting after all!

The rapid beating of their wings alerted us as the hummingbirds drew near.  They zipped in and out so quickly I couldn't determine when to shoot.
It wasn't long before I was witness to the delicate, yet frenzied dance three of them made in attempting to be the one that got to feed as they wouldn't all feed at once.

This certainly isn't the best photo you've ever seen of a hummingbird but it is a photo of my hummingbird.  Or so I like to call it.  Of course, it's not "mine" as I could never try to harness it's freedom.  I do love to feed it though.  I never tire of watching it swoop in and away from the feeder. 
This is part of what summer is all about for me.  I absolutely love my birds.  I have noticed more varieties at my feeders then any year before.  In addition to the hummers, I have cardinals, cedar waxwings, chickadees, goldfinch, nuthatch, pilliated woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers, song swallows, red poles and a few, still unidentified species.

I never tire of the peace and joy they bring to my day.
I hope you have some special friends too!


Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment earlier....but it never showed up, so I will try to remember what witty thing I said again!!! I know I said something about you having things in common with Kandi, mom and I - because we all like hummingbirds...although I have never gotten up early and stalked you and Kandi have done!!!! :) Kayla

Jill said...

Kayla! You haven't lived until you've stalked a hummingbird. Let the stalkers unite!