Friday, July 16, 2010

In The Still of the Night

As I sit here on the deck, the flaming orange sun dips below the line of pine trees to the east for it's final resting place for the night.  As it was going down, it lit it's last final spotlight on my flowers as a way of saying goodnight.
There's a softness to the air tonight.  It feels like a whisper upon my skin.
The hummingbirds are racing for their last drinks of the night.
The song birds are singing their sweet lullabies to all who will listen.
A rather large bunny pokes his head around my shed, deciding if it's safe to come out now that it's almost dark.
I can hear the soft hum of the air conditioner in the distance.
My mind is slowly filing away the events of the day. 
I think of friends and family tonight.  I wonder what they are doing, who they might be with and if they are enjoying this beautiful July evening.  I hope they are.  After all, it's a gift, wrapped in nature's beauty.
I think of night's quite like this when you were here to enjoy it with me.  How we chatted until the wee hours, sharing laughter and tears.
Fond memories of nights long past.

The birds have silenced themselves since I began this post. 
The dew has started to drop upon the flowers.
The wind chimes have quieted.
The bunny has gone.
It's time to turn out the lights and to wish you all...
Sweet Summer Dreams.


Anonymous said...

i'm telling you hon, the way you share your heart thru your words...well it's like i'm right there watching that bunny myself! thank you for sharing your heart with all of us:)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Jill!!!! You really have a way of making pictures in my mind with your words!


Jill said...

Thank you, ladies. I wish you could both join me on the deck some night!

Anonymous said...

Really lovely! Makes me feel like I missed something special.