Friday, January 18, 2013

There's a New Blog in Town

I'd like to introduce you all
to a new blog.
Paula has been a long time friend
of mine and
has recently joined
in on all of the fun.
She is a Stampin' Up Demonstrator
and is sharing
her creative art work
with the world.
I just know all of you
stamper's would love
her site.
Please take time to visit
her and welcome her to
the world of blogging.
I've told her all about you. ;)
I know she'll inspire
you to ink up your
creative side.
Thanks everyone!


Chatty Crone said...

I will go check her out - how nice.

Lynne said...

Thank you Jill, I will go check on her too!

EM Illustrator said...

Thank you Jill, I will go check it out.
Have a great weekend!


Buttons said...

On my way Jill have a great weekend. B

Debbie said...

thanks jill....those creative blogs always inspire me!!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Happy Saturday Jill! I shall go check your friend's blog out!

Beth said...

I will go and check her out.

Paula said...

Thank you to all of you that took the time to hop on over to my blog. Loved all of the comments as well. HONKER HUGS to YOU, Jill, for your never ending friendship and inspiration!!!!!!!

Karen said...

Thanks, I will check out Paula's blog!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

What a nice intro- I'll go and check out her blog right now!

Susan said...

Thanks for the recommendation! She is creative!

Dianna said...

I'll definitely check out Paula's site. After a few months of so-so card making, I'm back in full swing and loving it!
Have a good weekend, Jill!

Madi and Mom said...

Ahhhhh Miss Jill how sweet of you and of course we'll head over to say big southern howdy.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Donna said...

I don't stamp butt... I can stomp...Hahaaa....