Saturday, May 19, 2012

Not Another Fun Post

I knew.
I was "off" all day.
The phone didn't ring at 7:00 a.m.
like it had for so many years.

Each and every time I had to write
a check today,
I couldn't recall the date
and had to check my calendar
or ask a clerk.

I ate too much.
Something I really haven't done since
beginning my "transformation" 
in January.

The thunder
was a comfort,
as were the wind, rain and hail.
Unsettled weather.
It suited me today.
I was thankful for the rain.
Heaven's tears.

My long time followers
have heard this all before.
But every year,
I must write what is on my heart.

Seven years.
I still can't believe it.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
You slipped away from us
during the evening sunset
into HIS awaiting arms.

I miss you so much, Mom.
Life has never been the same 
since you left.


Beth said...

A very lovely tribute for your mother. She was a beautiful lady!

Chatty Crone said...

Your mom looked pretty and carefree. I'm sorry you lost her. It is so hard to lose our mothers. Nice tribute to her. sandie

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

What a pretty post dedicated to mom. She was a gorgeous woman. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Dawn's Craft Place said...

Such a beautiful lady- wonderful to share, I understand because it is going to be a year since I lost mom and I know I will always miss her.
Sending you a hug

Lynne said...

Sad for you . . .
It sounds like you and your mom were best friends. . . . I hope you can catch the wave of happier days together and bring some smiles on your sprcial memories . . .

Paula said...

A nice tribute to your lovely Mom.

TexWisGirl said...

grief doesn't have an expiration date. sadly, though, we humans do.

Donna said...

God bless you my friend. That was so loving and such a treasure to read!

Remember, though she is with our Sweet Jesus, she's still visits you as now she's your Angel!

Hugs, my dear friend,

Em Illustrator said...

Nice tribute to your Mom - it's never easy to lose a close loved one.
Big hugs


Jane said...

Your mother was so beautiful - and looks like she had a fun spirit by her smile. Time passes by too fast. I think no one really ever realizes how much they will miss their parents until they are gone. I am glad we can hold on to memories. Very nice post Jill.

Fiona said...

Lovely words for your lovely Mum.

I am sorry you are missing her today but I am sure you miss her everyday.

Thinking of you and wishing you well.

Take care of yourself.


Ellie said...

Oh I am so sorry you lost your mum I can hear your pain in this post.
Your mum looks like a happy cheery lady.
I hope tomorrow is less painful than today for you.
Take care.

Autumn said...

It's wonderful and healing to remember our loved ones. Hugs

Donna said...

She was SO Beautiful Jill....((((HUG))))

Julie Marie said...

I am thinking of you today sweet Jill... losing a mama at such an early age is the hardest thing I ever did as well... your mama is so beautiful... I wish you peace of mind this day, knowing she is looking down and smiling at her lovely daughter... she is so proud of you and all you accomplish in this life to make it a better one for everyone... I will think of her too... perhaps she and my mama are chatting right now in Heaven about their two little girls who love the flower~fairies... my mama left 30 years ago this Wednesday... and I miss her so too... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

Debbie said...

awwww jill, what an ache, what a void.

we go on, climbing the mountain, life will never be the same!!

Madi and Mom said...

Jill we send you big hugs and purrs.
One thing for sure you inherited your moms beauty and carefree spirit...I just love this picture of if she is saying no not another picture.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Rohrerbot said...

An irreplaceable void. It's amazing how the years fly by but it doesn't change how you you don't forget. It's still the same as it was the day you found out the person died...except you are more numb. And on a day that a grandparent, parent, sibling, loved one....someone who has made a difference in our lives dies, a little piece of our innocence is gone and life changes at that moment making us more aware of those around precious it all is. Hang in there....maybe make a dinner in your Mother's honor today serving some of her favorite dishes etc. That's how I remember my loved ones. It always makes me smile and I feel like they're always with me while I'm prepping it all together. For example, Grandma Rohrer's famous pumpkin cookies. Serve them to the family and they will naturally talk about Grandma and somehow it makes everyone feel better. Beautiful shot of your mother. Abrazos.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sounds like a rough day Jill. I can see she'll always be with you in memory.

Pearl said...

Nicely written -- and a photo showing both personality and beauty -- to accompany.

So sorry for your loss, even seven years on.


Charade said...

You have a lovely way of expressing grief and tribute so poetically. But that shot of your mom with her hand raised like that just seems to be saying, "Oh, Jilly, don't fret. Just keep my love near to your heart, for then I'm always with you."

Dianna said...

Thinking of you, Jill - sorry I'm a day late.
I lost my mom on May 5 (1995)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a beautiful post. We lost my dad 4 years ago and you're right, life has not been the same. Praying you're being comforted today with happy memories!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I know exactly how you feel. It's an ache that never goes away. Just know there are people like me that understand...

Bonnie said...

Dear Jill, I understand. Sending you hugs! Bonnie

Nancy said...

A beautiful lady -- as is her daughter.

I've found it takes a long time to come to terms with loss -- and each of us has our own timetable.

Big hugs to you, Jill. xoxo

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss. Such a beautiful lady. May God comfort you with precious memories.

Bev said...

Oh Jill.... those 'anniversaries'... and expressed it so beautiful!

Susan said...

Aww Jill, your Mother is beautiful! I believe she is watching over you. But it's not the same is it. I know you miss her. It's hard.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

OH! That photo is AMAZING! So glad your mom had YOU to love her and now, remember her. I hope you have comfort in knowing that she resides with HIM.

Buttons said...

Oh Jill this is beautiful as was your Mom. Hugs B

Ash said...

Sorry for your loss Jill. My mom is in Heaven too so I know how you feel. Your mom was a lovely and beautiful lady. Looking at her brings so much comfort and peace to the heart.
Keep on writing about her and you will see her in better perspective as time goes by.
Hugs for you.

Anonymous said...

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