Thursday, January 26, 2012

This 'N' That

Today is a day that I do a little catching up around here.
Housekeeping, if you will.

1)  I would like to thank Lisa!  Yesterday,
she listed some of her favorite posts and was kind
enough to select one of mine.  I was very humbled by her kindness.
I hope you take the time to visit her as she has a great blog.
She is a Mom of three boys and two are twins!
She is a runner and always motives me to get moving
(even though I'll never be a runner).
Thank you, Lisa!

2)  Thank you everyone for wishing Becky your congratulations on being
selected as a Student of the Month.  She was very happy hearing all of your good
wishes. :)

3)  In my mad attempt at staying current on commenting yesterday,
I'm afraid I may have left a slew of unreadable or funny spelling mistakes in my wake.
My right hand shift key was apparently on strike and caused
me a bundle of troubles!
All is well now.  Whew!

4)  Thank you everyone for sharing with me on how to fix
my background color.  I'm afraid the aliens may have sucked my brains out too
as I knew how to do it, had tried to change it several time before mentioning it,
but could NOT get it to accept white as my choice.  Lo and behold, yesterday,
I changed it with NO problems!

5)  For those that asked, Max is a Pomperanian/Terrier mix.
We rescued him from a shelter almost 7 years ago.  He has the softest
coat I have ever felt on an animal.

6)  After one and one half hours on the phone yesterday,
Direct TV is back up and running.  Let me say this now...
I HATE dealing with technology!  I have no patience and a
very limited understanding of it.  At any rate,
it is ajob that is done!  Now, if I could only get
my computer to work properly...

Happy Thursday everyone.  It's almost Friday!!


Lisa said...

Happy Thursday to you too!

I hate technology issues as well. Currently our wireless printer sends about a gazillion messages everytime we turn on a computer, telling us to align the cartridges. We've aligned the cartridges and it continues to send the messages. I am completely frustrated and clueless and ready to take a sledgehammer to the stupid printer!

ღ Life According To Milo ღ said...

That's funny about your right hand shift key causing you problems. I don't think that I even noticed anything wrong, or you had fixed it by the time I looked. I am also in technological decline. My iphone is about to drive me head on into a full on 2 year old temper tantrum / conniption fit. Lol. Sigh. Technology is awesome. Until it fails. I don't know how to fix it (although Lisa, you might try just unplugging the printer's power, letting it sit for a minute or two and plugging it back in). Throttling the phone hasn't seemed to solve the problems, although, I must say. I did feel a little better after laughing that I did it. : ).. Hope your day and technology will act better! Good luck with that!

Rebecca said...

If it wasn't for my computer genius son and hubby (not kidding...Brandon is a programmer at OU and my hubster is an analyst) I'd be doomed. DOOMED I SAY! I can't even reboot without help.

That said...asking for HELP (I mean SCREAMING for help) keeps me humble!

:) :) :)


Marie said...

Happy to see you are feeling on top of things today - that is a good feeling. I love technology, but don't want to know how it works - just want it there when I want/need it! Enjoy your day!

Lynne said...

Congrat's Becky . . .
Typos are the fault of shift key . . .
Phone calls to techi intellects terrifies me . . .

Loved your words Jill!

Lynne said...

Maybe intimidates is a better word than terrifies . . . SMILE

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill!

Congrats to Becky! (I missed the earlier post)
I enjoy reading Lisa's blog too!

Becky~ said...

Oh what would I do without a computer,seriously I need it for almost everything.

A late congrats to your daughter Jill,best of luck to her in the future as well.

Enjoy your weekend, and take time for YOU.

TexWisGirl said...

YAY for progress! :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Add me to the list of those who have a love hate relationship with technology! I love it when it all works though, and wouldn't trade it!

Enjoy your Thursday, I hope the positive trend continues!! :-)

Madi and Mom said...

Yay things are back on track for you...sounds like you had a tiny invasion of the body snatchers.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Donna said...

It's so funny hearing you say that about technology! Especially since your blog is always so great!

Have another great day - how much snow do you have now? Have our Pacific Coast storms blown in yet?

Stay warm,

Anonymous said...

Happy Thursday to you too Jill! And thank GOD it's Friday tomorrow [yeyyy]. Glad you got the TV thingy sorted out :) Enjoy the rest of your day. It's early evening over here. Big hugs x


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I hate being on the phone trying to fix a problem as you had to with Direct TV. Glad your problem was resolved and your background is back to being white! Hope today is better!

Donna said...

Glad you got the background to work! Look lots better...
And I love technology...I'm just not very Good at it!Hahaaaa

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

You are so welcome. And thank you for the shout out to me!!

Technology can be very frustrating. The first time I tried to make a button for my blog just about killed me ;-)

Bonnie said...

Whew! I bet you are ready for Friday. Happy Thursday!

Gloria Hood said...

Technology is sometimes a very dirty word! It is soooooo beyond me most of the time!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am so glad Lisa put in her post! I am now following you! What a wonderful blog you have.

Ellie said...

Sounds as if things are beginning to run right for you now - that is good. I'm not technical minded either I'm afraid. I leave that to Dan and the girls. Hope you are have a great weekend.

Susan said...

Sounds like today progress is on your side! Yay!

Darcie (My Modern Country) said...

Glad things are going better today! AND...A GREAT BIG CONGRATULAIONS to Becky-enjoy that special breakfast tomorrow!!

Michaele said...

Don't you hate it when there is no guy around to do that tech stuff?

Tammy said...

Whew! That was a
You are so funny.

Kimberly said...

Happy Thursday to you! You won the DVD giveaway on my blog! (I just posted it). Send me your mailing address so I can get the DVD to you.

Paula said...

Thursday is almost over so I'll just say have a good day tomorrow Jill.

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

So glad you were able to get your direct tv problem fixed. They are the worst.
Hope you have a better friday and weekend.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Technology is a blessing and a nightmare...especially if you mix in customer service!! Yikes.
Rescue animals are the best pets...well, when it comes to dogs anyway. Don't ask about my three rescue (crabby) cats!
Have a great weekend!

Chatty Crone said...

I don't like technology too much either - looks like you got it fixed. And I am way behind too.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I'm so behind on my comments -- hoping to catch up today. It's a good feeling. And congrats on your mention on Lisa's blog. :)