Monday, June 20, 2011

Yup! It's Monday

Today was the
first day
since school
let out
that we didn't have to

So, true to form,
I was
up at
4:00 a.m.
Don't ask me why,
I don't know why
other than it's Monday!

Decided I'd
take advantage of it
and actually
clean (not a favorite pastime of mine)
and do laundry.

Got that all done
and decided to have
my toast for breakfast.
Four months ago,
(almost to the day)
I had a filling put in.
Today, it fell out.
Cause it's Monday.

Called to make
an appointment to
have the filling replaced.
Can't get me in until
the middle of July.
Monday strikes again.

Was alerted by
a friend
that a blog
I had last week had no pictures!
I went and checked.
Sure enough, gone!
So, I deleted the blog.
Stupid me.
I "cleaned" up my
computer last night
and deleted
a bunch of pictures,
not realizing they'd
be gone from the blog too.
I keep telling you all,
I am not computer
This afternoon,
I discovered I
had the pictures on my memory card.
It was one of my better
blogs too.

Went out to check on
the little
raised bed garden
we made last week.

Looked pretty good...
until I zoomed
in on this corner...

Something is
having fun
at my

It's Monday!

I don't know about you,
but I am looking forward to


texwisgirl said...

thanks for the chuckles... sorry you had a yucky day!

Jackie said...

Oh Jill, we just gotta get you to Tuesday :)

Michaele said...

Hi from your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love hearing from other single moms. Glad I found you. And - sorry about your day. It's almost Tuesday!!

Leontien said...

Soooo the big question i have.... Why 4 o clock?

that is pretty early if you ask me...

And yes i am number 30 isn't that great! whoohooo

Valerie said...

Quite the day. Mine was about the same.

Dar said...

Not long now, and Tuesday is all yours. Cute.
We all have had those Mondays one time or another.
Looks like the squirrels or chipmunks love your lil' cute garden too!

missing moments said...

Tuesday will soon be here!

Anonymous said...

You're not alone: Monday waited til bedtime and then smacked me in the forehead: I thought I clicked "preview" on my post for today, and evidently I clicked "publish", which meant 2 posts for yesterday and none for today.....

Hope your Tuesday is better! Sorry about the filling - yuk.

snowwhite said...

Here in Japan Wednesday just started! Jill, sorry for your filling and deleted pictures. But, cute bulbs are shooting up!! Everything will go well because it is Wednesday!
Have a great day.