Friday, August 6, 2010

Here, There and Everywhere

I am going to begin my writing today with a promise to each and every one of you.
I am going to be all over the place in this blog! 
It has been a very busy and eventful week in our house.
I guess that's normal when one's "baby" turns 17.

Most, if not all of you have already seen this picture of Becky.  It's one of my favorites though.  You see, her Aunt Mona's birthday is August 7, 3 days after Becky's.  Therefore, I've been able to celebrate the birth of two people I love very much in the same week.  Pretty neat, huh?  I think so!

As Becky's birthday was approaching, it lead me back to memories of when my "kids" were little...well...truth be told...also not so little...even as recently as a week ago.  It got me thinking about some of my favorite things they used to say and I've decided to share them with you.  My way of repaying you for the heaviness of my last entry.
TJ:  Filthydelphia            Translation:  Philadelphia
TJ:  Keputch          Translation:  Ketchup
Becky:  Booger      Translation:  Boobies
Becky:  Slyfawtter       Translation:    Flyswatter

I will apologize for my next entry but I just have to share it with someone.  Now mind you, I do NOT condone my kids's quite the contrary.  I expect them to be polite and use proper grammar (thanks Mom...I carry on after you but it is so much harder in this day and age).  Anyway, you can imagine my surprise this morning as a lady was coming to the front door and I was trying to catch my barking dog and I hear this come out of Becky's mouth...
"Stop it you little bastard!"
This was not only alarming to me, but even more so after the pleasant week we've had together. Let me explain.

 She spent a day with a 5 year old this week.  My friend and I were so entranced as we watched Becky lovingly "mother" my friends granddaughter.

I was very ill with a nasty cold and Becky nursed me by tucking ME in,  bringing me tissues and water and  saying to me "If you need me, just call me and I will come and help you!"   
Last night, her final words to me were "I love you, honey!"
Honey?  Not, I love you, Mom?
Ut oh.
I quickly realized she wasn't playing nurse to me...she was mothering me!

Therefore, when those ugly words came out of her mouth this morning, I sternly corrected her and told her to never, ever use that language again or she would face severe consequences!

Now here come my confession to all of you, as terrible as it was, I laughed all the way to the Drs. Office today.  I couldn't help myself.
I think it was all laughter of relief.
After all the contemplating I was doing about her needing me less now that she is 17, she showed me in only a way Becky can that...
She may try my patience at times but she can sure make me smile and laugh.
I love that girl.
I'm just sayin'.

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